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Why, when the Word was placed in a collection,why would Enoch's writings not be a part of this collection? Too much information in 1-60? Thank you Mel and Guyna.   Dan

Hi Dan,

The Book of Enoch, along with all the other works of pseudepigrapha (Definition: Spurious writings, especially writings falsely attributed to biblical characters or times.), share some common traits:

1. Multiple contradictions of the scriptures as preserved by the Jews, and as found in the multiple New Testament accounts.  This fails the Biblical test to determine truth, that of "2 or 3 witnesses" that agree.

2. Style, details, language, and oldest physical copies indicate an authorship later than the individual named by the title.

3. An emphasis on, or total preoccupation with accounts (often legendary in scale) of alleged events that have little or no bearing on the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

4. Claims of validity based mainly, or totally, on other pseudepigraphical works.  An appeal to circular reasoning.

5. With the help of God's spirit, one can recognize that apocryphal works read "flat", that is, there is no apparent inspiration, no depth, no multiple layers of understanding to be explored.  There is no "line upon line, here a little, there a little" application as explained through God's prophet, Isaiah.

In addition, the book of Enoch makes:

6. Statements appearing to support false doctrines, including some false doctrines not documented until after the third century CE.

7. Non-Biblical or anti-Biblical statements reflecting Catholic opinions and attitudes of the period known as the Dark Ages.
Please note that we are not accusing the Roman church of authoring fraud, especially since that organization rejected many apocryphal works.  However, they did approve some of them while wanting to reject the bulk of what we know as the New Testament books.  We are simply pointing out that the text indicates an influence that could only date to a specific period.

We hope this helps.


Mel and Guyna

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