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Does Gen 19 not disprove that spirit beings can have human bodies? Further Hagar and Mary showed no fear from spirit beings. Jesus Himself went from human form to spirit form and back two times mentioned in the word. One time to visit with Moses and Elijah witnessed by apostles and after His death did return to human form. This is in response to my previous question. I will bother you no more with foolish questions rather let my Teacher continue to teach me. This one is not a teacher. One can lead a horse to water but cannot force it to drink. One must uncover the beginnings of lies to  understand the full meaning of truth. The snake deceived Eve? Thank you both for your time. Dan

Hi Dan,

You asked whether Gen. 19 shows that spirit beings "can have human bodies."  You also made reference to a previous question.

Gen. 19 shows that the Lord and his angels can take on the physical appearance of human beings.  They can appear to be humans.  However, there is a great difference between being human, and being a spirit who has manifested the appearance of being a human.

Actual, physical human bodies are subject to physical death.  Actual, physical human bodies can not live outside of the earth's atmosphere (without a spacesuit or space craft).  Actual, physical human bodies cannot become invisible and back to visible, at will.  A spirit being that has manifested itself in the form of a human, can do all these things and is not subject to death.  Christ, who was human when he came as the Lamb, died and his body was buried in a tomb.  If he did not die, then our sins are not forgiven.

In view of scriptures, only the Lord or his angels can manifest themselves visibly to humans, at least, up to this time.  There are no accounts of demons being seen.  When Christ performed an exorcism of a legion of demons, in Mark 5, they entered into a "great herd of swine", which promptly threw themselves into the sea and died.  There is no indication that they were visible at any time. The only sensory effects, were the voice of one who answered Christ, the previously irrational behavior of the human who was possessed, and the self-destruction of the pigs.

Christ, in Revelation, indicates that God may allow demons to be seen, or to manifest themselves in some way, at the end of the world as we know it (Rev. 9).

In all other references to demons interacting with humans, it is a matter of "possessing", a taking control over, the mind and body of an existing human.  Were a possessed man, or woman, to have sex with another human, possessed or not, the offspring would be the product of the two human bodies, not of the spirit being (or beings).

For Jesus to come and die, he had to be fully human.  Spirit, by virtue of being eternal, cannot die.  For Jesus to be human, he had to be born of a physical woman.  Mary already had the eggs but the sperm had to be created by the power of God's holy spirit, which is how Christ remained sinless, even as an infant and child, while we commit many sins "from birth" (Gen. 8:21).  [Note that Christ was physically begotten by the holy spirit (Mat. 1:20), but God the Father is his Father, and not the holy spirit.]

Christ came to earth, begotten by spirit, but born of a woman, as a physical human subject to death.  He died, showing that he was not spirit at that time, but flesh and blood.  He was resurrected by our Father, not as flesh and blood but as an eternal, spirit being, with the capacity to manifest himself as a human.  
To Mary, he manifested in the form of a gardener (Jn. 20:14-15).  To Peter and Cleopas on the road, as a stranger (Lk. 24:18-34).  To the assembled disciples, as the crucified Christ, complete with open wounds (which were not bleeding) (Jn. 20:27).  By his example as our older brother, the firstborn of many brethren, we know that we who are presently flesh and blood, will be resurrected as spirit beings, like he is (1Jn. 3:2).

We read that the conception of Christ was through the power of the holy spirit, but Satan and his demons do not have the holy spirit, and therefore, they cannot beget physical offspring, even if they could manifest themselves in the form of a human.

We know that demons are still present in the world around us.  The belief of some, that demons could beget human children (Gen. 6:2), forces the question of why aren't they doing it now?  It also forces the question of why aren't female demons having babies with human men?  Would the offspring be called hu-gels, or ang-men?  What would happen when a half-man, half-demon died?  What happens to the spirit half?  Are there half-spirits in the spirit world, beings that are only half there?  What about quarters and eighths?  If a half-demon, half-human mated with another demon-human, would we get a pure-bred human, or a pure-bred demon?  Would the offspring be spirit or physical?  If a half-breed bred to a full-breed, the offspring would be a 3/4s breed.  If mixed percentages continued to produce offspring, what percentage would be considered a full-breed?  
These questions show how silly the idea is.  

God created every kind to produce after its own kind.  Yes, horses and donkeys can produce mules, but they are still equines.   Equines and bovines cannot reproduce.  Monkeys and men cannot reproduce.  God created all living things, including angels.  Christ explained that the angels neither marry (have sex), nor give in marriage (beget children to give in marriage).  God commanded man to "be fruitful and multiply" which requires both marriage and having children.

Satan counterfeits every aspect of God's truth.  Demons mating with women and producing "great men" is a counterfeit of the conception of Christ.  

Satan's rebellion, from being a perfect being, and the rebellion of the angels who followed him, are one reason that God is reproducing himself using humans, who are physical.  We must prove that we are faithful, before we can be given eternal life as spirit beings.  God doesn't need or want any more evil spirit beings like Satan and the demons.

The account of Jesus, with Peter, James and John, in the mountain and seeing Moses and Elijah speaking with Christ, is described by Jesus himself, as a "vision" (Mat. 17:9).  Most overlook this part and assume that Moses and Elijah were, and are, alive in heaven.  The point of the "vision" was to confirm to these three disciples that Jesus was the one promised through Moses (Deu. 18:15, Acts 3:20-22).  To the disciples question of Elijah returning, Jesus explained that prophecy was fulfilled in John the baptizer.

The word vision is translated from horama, meaning "a sight divinely given", not a reality.

Christ plainly said that no man has gone to heaven, except himself (Jn. 3:13, written after the resurrection).  After Christ's ascension to heaven, Peter explained that David has not gone to heaven, but "is both dead and buried and his grave is with us unto this day" (Acts 2:25-35).
Regarding what happens at death, please see "Okay, I'm Dead, Now What" at

Eve was deceived, according to 1Tim. 2:14.  The deception was in Satan's lie, "you shall not surely die" (Gen. 3:4).  The greater context was that you can get what is good for you only by disobedience to God's commandments.

None of your questions have been foolish.

May God lead us all into a more perfect understanding.


Mel and Guyna

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