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QUESTION: Dear Dr. B Ley Rose,

I'm a born again Christian. I'm writing a fiction. One of the antagonists is a notorious serial killer who cuts his flesh after he murders his victims. I wanted to develop this character more. So I looked up "Occult cutting" and I found this website:

According to this evangelist, there were heathen cultures that participated in religious cutting, but he only gives biblical references.

I would like to have historical documentation of at least one or two heathen cultures where it is confirmed that they participated in the cutting of their flesh. Would you have this information? Or would you know where I can find it?

Thank you for your time during your busy schedule. God bless you.



ANSWER: Dearest in Christ,
sorry for the delay but I'm nursing some cracked ribs.
I am so very glad you trusted me enough to ask this question.  It is so very true that many of the cultures in the early centuries, and even in some places today, cutting was (is) part of rituals from growth to manhood, to testing for truth and sincerity, and numerous "religious ceremonies".  I use the world religion that the dictionary gives, not the Bible.  Anyway, in the "Egyptian Book of The Dead", The Sacred text of the Syrian and Persian empires, and the many books of witchcraft and sorcery (which can be read on line at many such sites) and  "The Satanic Christian Bible", and the chronicles of Assyria, especially the parts about necromancy and sacrifice. So, then, you probably already know that almost all cults and religions (somewhere in their history) require(d) blood sacrifice or blood letting.  In some of the more serious cults and religious organizations cutting off a finger or other part of the body is (was) required.  
Those books I mentioned above are those that immediately come to mind. I do happen to have many titles in Bibliographic files.  It was part of my research for my thesis.  Give me a few days to dig it up. In the interim, these suggestions should get you started.  Oh, and how deep do you wish to research this?

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QUESTION: Dear Dr. B Ley Rose,

Thank you for your kind and very generous offering of information. I'm sorry for the delay, but I hope that in that time you have healed quickly and comfortably.

To answer your question, I don't intend to go very deeply into research. I just need "confirmation" because the aforementioned web link does not give a reference for pagan cutting. I wanted at the very least a confirmation if I was challenged for being judgmental of the pagan religions. The story I'm telling will uphold Christ. You've given me a grand wealth of places to look, but I don't need to delve too deeply into the history. I just need something to significantly and undeniably connect the cutting of flesh with pagan ritual. I'll check out some of the names you gave me.

Thank you again for your time. Blessings.


Dear David, again I am sorry for not replying sooner.  Now I'm stove up because I broke my leg, ankle, foot, and some toes. I have rods sticking out and it looks like "Johnny Five" when viewed t the right angle. I just wanted to know if you found what you needed.  To be sure even a superficial search should provide the information.  However, it is sometimes difficult to find books, articles, or academic papers that specifically list the numerous aspects of pagan ritual.  By the way, between us, most of the nations thought the Hebrews were barbaric because they circumcised their children. In some cases adults were done so as well.  If we read further back in their history (in the OT) we learn that many of the Hebrews followed pagan gods and even offered their children (by fire) as sacrifices.  In particular was the worship of the false god Baal.  But anyway, if you still have not found the answer you seek let me know, I am sure I can find a few references for you.

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