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I am a born again christian and I am very interested in Church history and was happy to see you are knowedgable of the Moravian.
I have read and greatly appreicate Count Zinzedorf and "the oneness of all believers "that the Moravian stand for. I have been reading books by Witness Lee from the Living Stream Ministry and in his writings he often makes very favorable refernece to the Moravians. So my question,-  reading church history I noticed the church fathers actually taught something called deification of man. That is, we receive God's life and nature through His Spirit and become born of God and sons of God. Not God to be worshipped or haveing a share of His Godhead (as some have erred in teaching) but obtaining God's life. What do you think about this ? Peter says we are partakers of the divine nature. It seems to me this is the basis of the christian faith that is a christian has Christ (not a representative) actually living and growing in Him. Why would this teaching be neglected by most teachers today ?  

I have revised my answer to this question. If you would like an answer, please let me know.


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My "expertise" is in the area of the Moravian Church and general church history.


I am a Moravian seminarian pursuing ordination.

BA, Social Theory, Moravian College MDiv, Moravian Theological Seminary

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