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Mike wrote at 2010-08-27 19:12:06
Are you a "main-stream" Christian yourself? Just curious why you didn't include the fact that infant baptism is completely un-biblical along with many of the practices of "main-stream" corporate worship; ie.. worship of Mary (as a "mediator"), Angels, Saints, confirmation etc.. These are all man made teachings, not Biblical in any sense. It breaks my heart to say it but it reminds me of this verse:

Isaiah 29:13 "The Lord says: 'These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men.' " (NIV)

In terms of the other responses here are the verses that relate:


Matthew 3:6 "Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River." (NIV)

Mark 16:16 "Whoever *believes* and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned." (NIV)

Acts 2:38 Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." (NIV)  

(Worship of Angels)

Colossians 2:18 "Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you for the prize. Such a person goes into great detail about what he has seen, and his unspiritual mind puffs him up with idle notions." (NIV)


"For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,  

who gave himself as a ransom for all men-the testimony given in its proper time." 1Timothy 2:5-6 (NIV)

"It is not to angels that he has subjected the world to come, about which we are speaking." Hebrews 2:5 (NIV)   

I guess we can go into detail that an infant can't repent and it is extremely Biblical for the two (repentance and baptism) to coincide but that's a whole different arguement.. We can also go into the corruption of the "goverment" type of systems we see in the "main-stream" churches but we shouldn't perhaps. The higher authority is Christ, we don't answer to men (or women) but to Him alone.  We see the hierarchy of the Jews and how much it failed as well (Pharisees etc). For the record I'm not taking sides, it's imperative to note that in every denomination we see corruption and "wolves in sheeps clothing." The corruption in the Catholic Church just happened to be extreme and gained much publiclity. Anyways, it just seemed like a very biased answer, and wanted to add another view.. May the both of you be blessed and continue to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Christ Jesus  

Born again wrote at 2011-02-09 10:32:27
You also forget to say that the Bible also says that the only way to the Father is through the Son. So how now?

Ken wrote at 2015-10-30 02:45:36
Two Questions :

1.  What Bible verse contains  "The Original Salvation Plan"?

2.  Where & How were the first people "Born Again", in the Bible?

If you prefer to view the answer in video format go to or you can y o u t u b e search for "Know the Truth Ministries two questions"

The answer to question number one:  

Virtually all Christian scholars agree that:  The Holy Ghost was poured out (widely, and prophesied outpouring) for the first time on The Day of Pentecost.  They also agree that The Day of Pentecost was the first day of the New Testament church.  The first day of the "Grace Age", "Christian Era", etc.  The first 3000 people were saved /born again that day.  In order for them to be saved/ born again, it makes sense that they asked how to become saved/ born again - right?  Well, they did  (Acts 2:37).  And, the apostle Peter answered them, with a simple 1-2-3 step answer as to how to become saved/ born again. (Acts 2:38).

The answer to question number two:

Wonderfully, enough, the answer to this question is very similar to the above answer.  In fact the first people to become "Born Again" were the same 3000 mentioned in Acts chapter two (and referenced above).  They were "Born Again" according to The Original Born Again instructions found in Acts 2:38.

Can you identify the Original Born Again instructions found in Acts 2:38?

   They are steps 2 and 3.  Or, you could say step two is to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.  Step 3 is to receive the Holy Ghost.  Some may ask about the role that step one (repentance) plays then.  Several ways that can be answered.  We certainly do not discard repentance.  It is an absolutely necessary part of becoming:  saved, born again, converted, etc.  Let us not forget that Jesus said that if we do not repent, we will likewise perish (Luke 13:3).  but, in a technical sense, repentance is not part of the Born Again experience per se.  You see Jesus narrowly defined the Born Again experience as being "born of water" or being water baptized, and being "born of Spirit", or receiving the Holy Ghost.  One can look at this as a two part experience in which each of those steps represent 50% of the 100% Born Again experience.

New Testament Characters Who were NOT Born Again:

Frequently, people mistakenly assume that people such as Zacchaeus, and the "Thief on the Cross" were Born Again, however they were NOT.  Remember, that they died under the terms of the Mosaic Law.  If they were right with God (for example with Christ in Paradise), then it was so under the time of the Mosaic Law.  The Born Again experience was not yet available.  We can see this is true by many proofs.  For example, one could not be Born Again, until the Holy Spirit outpouring happened.  This did not happen until The Day of Pentecost, scholars agree.  Also see John 7:39, which tells us that the Holy Spirit was not yet given.  Additionally, the singular Church Age water baptism was not yet available, and being practiced.  It's true that John the Baptist's water baptism was being practiced under the Law time period, but it was NOT the singular Born Again era, water baptism.  Acts 19:1-6 shows us that this is true.  Those people needed to be re-baptized in Jesus name, which was the singular church water baptism (Acts 2:38; Acts 8:12; Acts 10:48; Acts 19:5; Acts 22:16).  History, and encyclopedias also agree with this point.  Taken together, that means that 100% of the Born Again experience was NOT yet available to people before The Day of Pentecost.  So it make total sense that people like Zacchaeus, and the "Thief on the Cross" could not possibly have been Born Again.  Therefore, we do not look to the biblical accounts of those characters to determine how to become Born Again.

Bible Passages commonly mistaken to be contenders for being "The Original Salvation Plan":

Genesis 3:15; John 3:16; the so-called "Roman Road", Ephesians 2:8-9, etc. are frequently mistaken to be the Bible verse which contains The Original Salvation Plan.  There are many reasons these texts do not qualify.  Remember, the above point proves that no one was "Born Again" before The Day of Pentecost which is found in Acts chapter 2.  So, the texts which are before The Day of Pentecost on the time line, obviously do not qualify.  Additionally, consider that no one asked to become saved -"Born Again", and became "Born Again" in those texts.  It is important to note that no one became Born Again in the book of Romans, nor in the book of Ephesians.  They had already become Born Again, and were part of the church, before the Epistles were written to them.  By definition the Epistles are letters written to the ALREADY Born Again people who were then called the church.  Also consider that it is totally indefensible to assert that no one was Born Again prior to the book of Ephesians, or even the book of Romans.  The Ephesians were Born Again in Acts 19:1-6.  It is also noteworthy that the book of Romans was written about 30 years after the book of Acts.  Obviously, people were being Born Again for many years prior to that point.  So, for many reasons, Acts chapter two, and particularly Acts 2:38 qualifies for The Original Salvation Plan, and The Original Born Again instructions.

Now that we have done away with the phony stuff, and the confusion, we can move beyond that to the next point.

Acts 2:38 is not only The Original Salvation Plan, and Original Born Again instructions, it is also the biblical way for us to become Born Again, Converted, Saved, Converted, Regenerated, today!

Historically, many religious groups taught Acts 2:38, as the Original Salvation Plan. (The bible era church taught this.  Bible and authoritative secular references demonstrate this)  There were some groups known as “Baptist-Pentecostal”, who taught this.  Arguably, the biggest, most notable Presbyterian era revival took place in Cane Ridge, KY.  There Barton Stone taught Acts 2:38 as the original salvation plan.  This was a famous world wide revival of about 30,000 people.  40 to 60 percent of the Ana Baptist's and Primitive Baptist congregations historically taught this same, Acts 2:38 -Jesus name baptism.  Many of the religious groups which collectively were referred to as the Restoration Movement, ascribed to Acts 2:38 being the original salvation / conversion / born again message.  On and on the examples go.  

Today, there are currently over 600 faiths worldwide which still teach the Original Salvation Plan as Peter taught on the Day of Pentecost.  Even according to secular statistics the 600 worldwide religious groups which still teach Acts 2:38, are THE FASTEST growing faiths worldwide - bar none.  There is a reason for this.  It is because of God's power is extended, due to teaching and experiencing the true original Word, and salvation plan.  

Don't get me wrong.  No one, nor religious group is perfect, so if one local congregation isn't quite right for some reason, don't charge that against the original Bible teachings of how one is supposed to be saved/ born again/ converted.  Keep searching until you find one which sticks closely to the original Acts 2:38 message, and a godly biblical lifestyle.  

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