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Charlie wrote at 2010-11-28 09:40:33

I am afraid to say - what complete rubbish!! Jesus said "You will do all these things and more in My name"!!

I have seen God's healing over and over again. He is alive and well and performing miracles today!



Michael wrote at 2011-03-07 23:33:53
I'm not sure that this is all true. At what point in time did God STOP healing? Was it when Jesus died? Were not people healed through the apostles by God? Did Jesus not instruct them to do so? Was that instruction time-limited? Was it only for the apostles? I don't know who God heals or why or when but I don't believe that God no longer heals.  

joyful 1 wrote at 2013-05-20 14:54:00
John wrote: "The problem is that God is not performing physical miracles in our day."

John, you are wrong. Jesus has not stopped working through physical healing just because the Biblical canon was closed to future additions(which happened hundreds of years after Jesus' death--405 A.D.). Your answer implies that everything Jesus did or or will do on earth must be recorded in the canon, but the Bible says if all he did were to be written down, that the world itself could not contain all that he did while he was here. Why would we limit someone who loves to intercede on our behalf, whose eyes roam the earth looking for someone to show himself strong to? You need to study Biblical history and really get to know the heart of Jesus before you attempt to answer people's questions.

With regard to the issue of deafness, deaf people typically find it offensive when some well-meaning person asks to pray for God to "fix" their hearing. People who have been deaf since birth usually identify with the Deaf culture. They are proud of their language (American Sign Language) and in the words of I. King Jordan, "A deaf person can do everything except hear." Deaf people view themselves as normal. I have never met a deaf person who wanted to hear. So to pray that God will "fix" them implies that there is something wrong with them, and they do not view themselves this way.

Appropriate questions to ask a deaf person are, "Would you like prayer?" and if the person indicates yes, ask: "What are your needs?" Let the deaf person tell you why they would like prayer. This is an appropriate approach for most people, not just deaf people. Do not assume that the deaf person is miserable because he or she cannot hear. That is an arrogant and oppressive view of deaf people and most of the time it does not go over well. Be aware that members of deaf culture do not view deafness as an impairment, but rather a source of pride. It is part of the identity. Do not be offensive by thrusting your own perception of deafness onto the deaf individual---and it is appropriate to call the person deaf, not hearing impaired (which again, implies something that needs to be fixed).

God is very much in the business of giving physical healing today. However, some of us are very much at peace with our hearing loss; in fact, we would not want to change even if given the chance.

"And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him" James 5:15


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