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Hola Dan. My name is Taylor. As the title suggests, my dog died yesterday in my arms after being hit by a car.

She was still alive when I picked her up and drove to the Emergency Vet Clinic... 0n the way however, she began hemmoraging blood all over my face arms and legs. I felt her heart stop in my arms. Right before she died, she looked into my eyes, sighed and then dropped her head into my hands and she passed on. It was the most tragic experience ever. My mom and I were praying to God to let her live and to give her a second chance... God took my little lamb home that night. I'm crying as I type this because when I woke up, I was expecting her to jump on my bed with love and kisses, instead I felt an empty house.

I accept my 1 year old Bella has left this Earth, free of pain and suffering. But is she in Heaven? I'd like to know what the Bible or God tells us about our pets. I could never imagine my Bella and my Abby not greeting me in God's wonderful kingdom.

The only thing keeping me from taking my own life is God, my family and friends and knowing that Bella died in my arms, the arms of a family member.

I just want to see my dog. I know I can't on this Earth. But will I see her in Heaven?

Thank you Daniel. God bless.


The pain you feel is normal for grieving. You loved your Bella so much. Now you are left with pain. To heal, you need to feel the pain whenever it comes up inside in the moment and then put it into words either spoken or written. Say what the pain is about: fear, anger, guilt, sadness, emptiness, low self-worth, and despair. There is no time limit on grieving.

Write/talk about the memories. Even though it is painful to talk about the pain, you will heal a little more each time.

Taylor, sometimes we experience a pet as giving us the unconditional caring that we needed from a parent, so the death of a pet is really a double loss. I don't know if this is true for you.

Is Bella in heaven? If Bella is good, all that is good will be in heaven. We know she is innocent. Another thing I know is: God is good and fair; God will do the right thing for Bella.


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