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Dear Sandra,
Can you please pray for me?  I am having a terrible time, there has been a tremendous amount of things that have hit my life at this time.  I was sexually assaulted, several injuries, illness' and other strange things.  I am feeling very confused.
Any prayers would so much help right now.  I will be going to trial next week, and kindof nervous; but mostly I have been ill for a long time.  I appreciate you on this website and you offering prayers.
Leah DiGiallonardo

Jesus Loves You!
Jesus Loves You!  
Dear Leah,
I feel for you, all the pain you have gone through. Sometimes no matter what a person can say or do to help and comfort you might not help right away because your scars are so deep.
But we will continue to pray for you because you will heal with time.
Let us pray,
Father in Heaven, we ask that you heal Leah's mind, body and soul. Touch her with your love and healing hands. Have mercy, for I know you Lord that you are merciful, and know that we are not alone ever!
We don't understand why all these things happen but when we belong to you, all the evils that are done to us, they are being done unto you too Lord. For you said, whatsoever you do unto others that you do unto me. Good or bad.
You know Lord what his child feels ,have mercy and compassion and heal her of all
that has been done to her. I implore you Lord ,I am asking you Lord and know that you will answer this petition because of your great love, mercy and compassion,but mainly because we belong to you. And because we ask in the name of your only son Jesus of Nazareth. Sweet Jesus who said that anything that we ask in his name you would grant us. Amen.
I will be thinking and praying for you. I care and hurt too.. for you.
Your sister in Christ,


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I would like to pray for anyone that needs prayer in that which concerns sickness,problems or comfort,console etc. I would like to be there for someone when in need of prayer and let them know they are not alone. I always had someone to pray for me and still do, now its my turn and promise to pray for guidance before answering your questions, I have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which will help me help you. Blessing to all! Questions in Spanish are welcome.


My entire life has been one of great suffering and the Lord has always been there for me even when I did not feel he was with me,but I could see the results of his care and concern,even in the most desperate of situations . I am blessed to feel and know the Lord Jesus as my saviour. As time passed on I could see that the hand of God was everywhere and he loves us more than anything because we are his creation, his children. God Bless!

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