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I teach a 3rd through 5th grade girls group at my church. Our group decided to do a community service project (called 26 Minutes of Prayer) to honor the victims and families of the Newtown CT. shooting tragedy and also to pray for school children in our area. The girls decided they wanted to invite others in the community to pray with them.

Before I presented this project to the girls club I prayed about it and I felt really good about it. But now I'm starting to have doubts that this project isn't age apropriate. I'm starting to think that the enemy is the one that is putting these fears and doubts in my head. But I'm also afraid that there might be some parents that are not okay with this (I called parents just to inform them about the project. But none of the parents expressed this concern).

So my first question is this kind of project age appropriate for 3rd through 5th graders? What can I do to stop the enemy from attacking me?

Dearest Valerie,
I understand your desire for the project, and admire you for it, but not knowing the emotional stability of each child, I can't
answer your question with certainty.  Your doubts could very well be red flags from the Holy Spirit, your teacher and guide.
It sounds to me that the parents only answered you on the spot and did not give prayerful thought to the project.  This
leaves you open for criticism if a child reacts in a negative way.  Don't be afraid of doubts, sometimes they help us rethink
what and why we are doing something. Often we are lead by emotion and haven't seen clearly the path before us.

Blessings as you seek to do His Will.
Rev. Ramona C. Stonecipher  


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