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I have some questions about how to pray. I want my prayers to have more power.
Is it okay to just pray to Jesus?
Are prayers to Jesus as powerful as prayers to God?
When I pray to God, should I address him as Lord, Father or God?
When people pray to the Lord, are they praying to Jesus? I'm asking this, because Jesus is Lord.
Is praying to the Lord as powerful as praying to the Father in Jesus' name?
I want to pray the right way.
Thank you.

Hi Kari,
I think I can help you with your confusion. Your question, "Is praying to the Lord as powerful as praying to Jesus - to the Father in Jesus name?  You bet!  Let me explain something. You need more understanding on God's being.   If you read Matthew 28:19 you will find that God is three in One. God eternally exists in three coequal persons: God, the Father, God, the Son, God, the Holy Spirit.  So, when you address Jesus, you're still addressing God. Understand,God took on the limitations of humanity and came to live among us (baby Jesus, the Messiah).  When we address God as Father, we're acknowledging Him as Creator of all. God the Holy Spirit is the very spirit of Christ.  All are God.

The believers power is in the relationship that we have with God.  The more we know the 'mind'
of God, the more effective we can pray.  But even when we don't know what to pray, the Holy Spirit of God prays in our behalf.  So what I'm saying Kari, is, it's important that you cultivate your relationship with God. Study His word, talk with God daily, be in fellowship with other believers, hear the word preached.  Faith comes from hearing the Word, the Bible says.

In reverence and love Kari, you can address God by all His names in the Bible. Your prayer goes to the same Person.  The power is in the love.  And God asks you and me to 'Love as I have loved you'. He looks at your/my heart when we pray.  And of course, we want God's will not ours - right!

I'm sure your prayers are precious to your Heavenly Father Kari, for if you are praying for others you too are 'laying down your life' for those you love.

God speed,
Rev. Ramona Stonecipher


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