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I have some questions about how to pray. I want my prayers to have more power.
Is it okay to just pray to Jesus?
Are prayers to Jesus as powerful as prayers to God?
When I pray to God, should I address him as Lord, Father or God?
When people pray to the Lord, are they praying to Jesus? I'm asking this, because Jesus is Lord.
Is praying to the Lord as powerful as praying to the Father in Jesus' name?
I want to pray the right way.
Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Kari,

Jesus directed us to ask God for everything but he did say to ask in his name, which is to say ask in his nature.  Asking in his nature is what puts the sincerity in the prayer.  It's not just a matter of saying the words, as in a magic potion.

He prayed to God, not to himself and he wanted us to follow him.  Jesus used the term "Father" so that's what I always use and sometimes Father-Mother God, or Father-Mother Love, Father-Mother Truth, what ever seems to fit the moment.

The Bible seems to use the terms Lord and God interchangeably; but  Jesus told the people " You call me Lord and Master, and rightly, as I indeed am." So, to him, Lord probably meant his own self, at least in that day and age.

At any rate, what you call Him is of smaller importance than understanding what and who God is.  The Bible says that God is Love, not just a loving God, but Love itself.  It also says the He is Spirit.  I think of Love and Spirit as something like the sunlight and the atmosphere.  Everywhere and giving Life to all, caring for all. Then the Bible also refers to Him as the law maker, and the only law maker so I knowledge that His laws take precedence over so called laws of matter.  Jesus said that His will is done in earth as it is in Heaven.

Think about all of the physical laws the Jesus overcame and write them down, as in the law of economics when he told his disciple to take money from the fishes mouth; the law of heredity when he healed the man born blind, the law of gravity when he walked on the water and so on.  Then meditate on what it means that he told us to go and do likewise.  Would the greatest teacher that the earth has ever known have told us to do something that was impossible for us?  That would be cruel.  But what did he tell us we needed to do first?  To become like a little child.  Now, that might be a little bit hard, for some people, but not the kind of hard that's like walking through the desert with high heels on.

And remember that Jesus told the Pharisees that they knew plenty about the "letter" but were lacking in the "spirit".  So, always put the spirit first.  Also, in your praying be sure to take time to listen.  I say, with the Bible, "Speak Father for your servant is listening". I rarely hear a distinct thought coming to me but mostly I just start doing something that turns out well so I know that I was directed by God to do that.  Prayers are answered in so many different ways, countless, really, so don't expect the answer to come in the same way it did before, though it might.  You must be open to God's infinite nature with includes infinite variety.

Every bit of good and harmony is indicating the presence of God; so say thank you all day long at every bit that you see and experience in your own life and the lives of all others and everywhere.  

This should get you started, and remember to use all that you know everyday (practice) so that you'll be fitted to receive more.  That's how our faith gets built up.  It's step by step.

Best to you,
Marsha Cunningham

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QUESTION: Since God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, do I have to pray to God or can I just pray to Jesus, since Jesus is God?
When I pray to Jesus, am I praying to God?
When I pray to Jesus and my prayers are answered, is God the one who is answering my prayers?

ANSWER: Hi Kari,

I gave you my best answer when I answered this similar question before.
Jesus plainly told us that he was not God, that he could do nothing of his own self but that it was the Father that worked in him.  When he left here he told us that he was going to his Father.  
The Holy Spirit is the understanding and purity of heart that Jesus asked God to bestow on us, that we could also do his works.

God is the only one who can answer prayer. The Bible plainly tells us that God has all power and is the only power.  It's our sincere conviction that Good is the real and powerful that gets results, whatever we call it.  God understands the heart and responds to our sincerity.

Best to you,

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QUESTION: Should I just pray to Jesus?
I'm asking, because when I pray to Lord Jesus, I feel amazing instantly.
When I pray to the Father in Jesus' name, I don't get the same amazing feeling.
I feel best when I pray to Jesus.
From my experience, it seems like prayers to Lord Jesus are the most powerful and effective.
Do you think God wants me to pray only to Jesus?

Hi Kari,

If you get good results with what you do I'd just keep doing it.  We are all in a different state of mind here on earth.  Each person needs to work out his own salvation. I cannot tell you what God wants for you, no one can.  We can help each other only so much. If you have a conviction, who am I to take it away from you.  Paul said, "When I heard my calling I conferred not with flesh and blood."  
Things do change, though and we are expected to grow day by day, I can tell you that.  So stay open to that and realize that when we ask for our "daily bread", God gives us fresh bread, not the day-old loaf.

Best to you,


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I can offer ideas on what makes prayer effective. I pray all day, in different ways and expect results in the forms of ideas, guidance and protection.


My mother was raised with prayer and she raised her family with prayer. It was the foremost answer to our problems. As I became a teenager I often wanted other solutions and rebelled many times but later on in my life, as I began to raise my own family I realized the value and necessity of prayer first, listings and following. I am now a grandmother and have seen countless situations change in my family as a result of prayer. I also relied on prayer in my classroom, as a teacher, to see me through the many difficulties of spending 24 years in some of the roughest areas of a large city. I worked from the premise that all children are gifted, by God, and nothing could stand in the way of that unique expression. When facing difficult situations in helping parents and students I always asked them if they believed in God. They never responded in the negative; so I encouraged them to pray and gave them some brief ideas that had helped me. They were always grateful and together we saw changes.

Forming a nonprofit, Art Improving Academics, and also part of a group which is interested in starting a charter school based on the ideas of all children being gifted and incorporating the arts to improve their academics.

Over the years of classroom experience, I wrote a textbook/handbook for beginning reading wherein is included the prayerful ideas I used to get the results I got.

I am a retired teacher of grades K-3rd, and have now started a pre-K in it's second year. I have a BA in art, clear elementary teaching credential, 21 units in Early Childhood. My students' test scores, above the 50th%tile in gang infested areas, speaks to the effectiveness of the measures I used, all inspired by prayer.

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