I am about 28 and had a difficult but not horrible life, from what I can see I have prayed for many things and see. To have gotten responses. Either that or coincidence may I share them with you?

I have had an ulcer since I was 13 and prayed for a cure, I found a simple one yet was to scared to use it, I don't suffer from ulcer symptoms unless stressed, and years later I hardly suffer from them anymore

Prayed for stress to be healed, I now go out often even though the stress is there

Prayed to lose weight, lost 80 pounds in 3 years. Still thick but I don't eat well

Prayed to move to L.A. (This was a prayer with the most startling answers) I met a man from L.A. Who was also an expert in the field I was looking to study in, he helped me a lot to know what worked and what didn't, also found out a relative of mine is from there when she visited. I still live in Texas though.

Now I'm praying for a certain young lady. She is a good friend of mine who helped me get out of the house because I enjoy her company so much. We have fought a lot yet always talk again. She is the only friend ever who's family I met. We get along very well. She is the only female friend to ever invite or go places with me. I know God can change hearts and get her out of a poor relationship.

I don't know if God is sending me signs. Mostly I see things that tell me to keep praying, and never give up. In the past I have seen signs or coincidences to do with marriage restoration. We are not married but I want to marry her. A lot of people tease me that we are already dating.

If I've contacted you before I'm sorry. My memory is bad. I'm just praying God inclines her heart to mine and we get married and I can fulfill my duties as a mate as well as her. I am also praying first and foremost to rely on God and love Him above all else, as well as for patience and trust.

God has done great things for me this year, I've met so many nice people and feel energetic around them. Yet there are other people elsewhere who tell me I'm waistline my time.

A lot of my failures have been from fear. From not striving to go after a goal. I could have done everything sooner if I had strived for it. Now I'm trying to strive with Gods help.

Any advice or insight is appreciated.

I am praying for you. Don't let others dictate your future. God uses those who can and I see you must be pretty blessed good for you. I am praying that all you are believing God for will come to pass. You found like a person of faith but if you are a person of faith don't feel bad if all things don't come to pass, it is only cause God sees the bigger picture.  


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Praise God, I can stand with you and believe God for your blessing. I can pray with you, when you need a friend. I have not studied at any Colleges but I have picked up the Word of God and read it for myself. His Holy Spirit will stand in agreement with us. If we pray according to His Word.


God is good and has brought me through may trials, whether self-inflicted or not. Our lives may seem hopeless but as long as there is breath in our lungs, there is always hope. I want Gods people to know this, as well as the lost. I remember I wanted to sing professionally for the Lord, but I did not have the voice to do it. I prayed and asked God to bless me in this area. I forgot that I had even prayed this prayer and two weeks later God supernaturally blessed me with an awesome voice. I believe God for the impossible, because He is the possible.

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