I sometimes pray for big things, yet they take years to result

I prayed for weight lose and I lost eighty pounds yet I'm still big, of course I don't excerise anymore or diet like I once did. Took many years, but I had to due to health issues

I asked God to cure my ulcer, I never got cured but doctors can cure them now. Also a lot of people have to be hospitalized for them, I've never had to suffer the extreme symptoms except go to the hospital for medication and two exams. My symptoms are rare mow except during certain times.

I prayed for a cure to stress and after 14 years I met a doctor who helped me with new meds. I have gone out more in the last two years more than in ages. In the past five months I've gone out almost every day. Right now I'm stressed over something so am staying home.

Prayed someone would leave me alone every day for two weeks.....they got sick after two years and had to retire.

Now I'm praying for something very important, and it's so hard to have faith, that's why I've been so stressed. I'm wondering if God is listening, I've seen certain signs or coincidences that have boosted my hope yet no longer. My faith is very weak always has been. Perhaps it's my actions that affect my prayers. I could be slimmer yet stopped walking, could have zero ulcers yet hate the exams.

Warmest greetings!

(\o/) Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading. (\o/)

Raul, please be aware that the vibration from the name you have given for this reading along with your clear intention will determine what results are brought forth spiritually!

Let us begin with a prayer to Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, as Christians who truly care about others we now say a prayer for our dear friend and creation of yours, Raul, who has come forth to request this Intuitive-Spiritual reading. We thank you for your many blessings to our friend, dear LORD, through your most Divine Son Christ Jesus. We pray for a message to deliver in this situation. Amen.

Raul, you have certainly been meeting the challenges that have come your way! I believe you now know the Power of Prayer! It can definitely effect changes and bring forth good tidings as is God's will. And that is the KEY in your situation. All that you pray for HAS to be God's will otherwise it may not manifest in your life. When you asked (prayed), even though it took some time, you received.You did not get it immediately in some cases and had to wait. That is because God is omniscient, all-knowing, and He knows when the Best time is to grant what you pray for if it is His Holy will to do so. Sometimes people pray for inappropriate things and God does not act on that as it would not be in the best interests of the person or others concerned and might even be against God's Spiritual Laws, therefore, those prayers are not answered.

But when you pray with Faith and Belief in your heart, your prayers are heard by God and He will hear you and answer you in His own way in His own time.

You said: "Prayed someone would leave me alone every day for two weeks.....they got sick after two years and had to retire." Now, by what you are saying, I am hearing you say that you only prayed for someone not to bother you but rather that they leave you alone. You do not indicate that you prayed for what transpired with them. If you had, God would not have caused that to happen anyway as God does not work that way. What could have happened, Spirit says, is that the person may have had something that was bound to occur anyway that finally manifested in their life but not because you prayed for anything that heinous to happen as I'm sure being a person who respects and loves God you would not do that. That kind of "prayer", to bring harm to another, should not ever be done *under any circumstances* as what you would pray to happen to another could well turn around and happen to you! It is due to the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.

Prayer, again, is the Key that opens doors! When one prays with Faith and Belief in what they want or need in their life, if it is appropriate for them to have it and they are properly aligned with God, they may certainly receive it with God's timing. He does not automatically grant everything we pray or ask for but if it is what is good for the person and others concerned, He has the prerogative to act upon that prayer and move to give you the most appropriate answer.

You say it's hard for you to have faith and you're meeting with a challenge at the present time. God allows us to learn our Earthly lessons from the moment we are born as that is how it is for everyone not just a select few. When you feel your faith is weak, it could be two things happening, Spirit says. You could be experiencing the influence of negative forces that are against God and that wish for you to lose your faith and belief in God. And two, you may be meeting those challenges as a sign that your Faith needs to become Stronger! Never lose your faith in God! The moment that you do, the opposing dark forces, being very opportunistic, will try to move in to make you feel that you are inadequate or that despite your prayers no good has come from your efforts. STOP at that very moment when you feel that way and realize that that is not coming from God. God would never cause your faith to be lost or to become weak. Quite the opposite! Therefore, it is the dark forces that want to keep you down and struggling. But you must turn to the Holy Bible and pray as often as you can. Upon arising, it is always good to pray before you meet the new day. And upon retiring, it is likewise important to pray giving thanks for all that God has given you that day, good or bad, because even the bad can be designed to help you become Stronger by learning from your experiences and mistakes.

Each day, you should consider picking a different chapter from the Holy Bible and reading it and taking Scripture to heart. Ask God to give you Strength during your weakest moments and He will! You CAN make it through this, Raul! Don't allow yourself or anything else try to make you feel any less than the dynamic, powerful person that you are with your faith in Christ. The opposing forces will try to thwart your efforts but you be there with God's word as your armor by your side and the Blood of the Lamb to cover and protect you from all harm and evil. You are going to make it, I strongly feel! Trust and have Faith in God. Pray often to Him. BELIEVE.

Thank you for your reading request. I hope this spiritual reading was enlightening to you, Raul. May Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ bless you and embrace you and help you to move forward in life and assist you to walk more securely as you travel on your path. Always Walk With God!
Prayer To Become Saved.- Born Again (To be said Out Loud.)

"Heavenly Father, I come to thee with contrite heart as I am a sinner who acknowledges my sins. I ask for your forgiveness and also come forth to declare that I Believe and Accept that Jesus Christ is my LORD and Savior who became incarnate and that He is the most beloved and only Son of God. I believe that He was crucified, died, and was buried for my salvation but arose on the third day through God and sits in eternal glory with you, Almighty God. I thank you for coming into my life, my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, and I will follow you all the days of my life. Amen."

After saying this prayer meaningfully and out loud, you are now a New Person through Jesus Christ and He will accept you into Heaven when you pass-on according to Scripture in the Holy Bible.


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