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Over the past few months I have seen what I think may be God speaking to me. Some has been mundane such as videos, posts on Facebook, and very often I ask God to send me people to talk to me and he does.

The signs say, be patient, keep praying, God is near to help, have faith, etc.

The situation itself seems impossible, but so have many in the bible. Job, Abraham, Joseph, etc

I'm praying for someone to better their lives, and ignore bad influences. I am also asking for a possible relationship. The prayers started with a request for a relationship, then for them to better themselves. The signs started with the request for a relationship.

Do you know if this means anything? Is God nudging me to pray for these two things? Any advice is helpful.

Dear Raul,

    Yes, God does lovingly nudge us to do things, He also shows signs in His word and through tv and whatever way He chooses too. Always pray for others, because when you do, God honors those prayers and you never know who you are helping. However when you pray, you don't to pray at God, you can pray to God. Just like you and I are having a conversation, you can talk to Him openly because He is in the room. Prayerfully your relationship is going well and if it is, thank the Lord and acknowledge Him in all your accomplishments and everything He does for you. Also keep praying, just have faith and believe those nudges you are getting and act on them. He is talking to you.


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Praise God, I can stand with you and believe God for your blessing. I can pray with you, when you need a friend. I have not studied at any Colleges but I have picked up the Word of God and read it for myself. His Holy Spirit will stand in agreement with us. If we pray according to His Word.


God is good and has brought me through may trials, whether self-inflicted or not. Our lives may seem hopeless but as long as there is breath in our lungs, there is always hope. I want Gods people to know this, as well as the lost. I remember I wanted to sing professionally for the Lord, but I did not have the voice to do it. I prayed and asked God to bless me in this area. I forgot that I had even prayed this prayer and two weeks later God supernaturally blessed me with an awesome voice. I believe God for the impossible, because He is the possible.

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