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QUESTION: I was raised catholic and then at age 19 sought a closer relationship with God.

I joined a church called the Churches of Christ. We had several rules, no women allowed to speak in service, no instruments, no interfaith marriage. I left my first church due to the fact that I was spoken Ill of. I joined another church of the same group at 26. The church was a lot stricter, the previous one was more lax.

I left after I got tired of the level of hatred. After I left I lost faith in God, and became an atheist, a few months later I met a young women who I started to ask about. During this time I started to witness what I perceived as Gods promptings. I sensed via things in the natural and other believers to pray, have faith and be patient.

After many months I think I've been prompted to return to God. I also was asking God to reveal himself to me which he did. I've been praying lately for myself and the girl I met, for our salvation, and changing of hearts.

I guess my question, is, has all this been God acting in my life? I've never seen gisions, only hints through the natural.

ANSWER: Dear Lalo,

Salvation is yours just receive it by faith in the crucified work of Jesus Christ.

Only believe and its yours

Be blessed and seek no more concerning this.

All things are ours , if we believe it.

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QUESTION: I guess I'll have faith in his promises.

Dear Friend,

Jesus came to enable you to get born of God.... john 1

So that you could have a heart soft and sensitive to God Himself.

This is an experience and interaction between you and the Living God.

You need this to receive Him and to get salvation.

So you can communicate with the Lord and do as He directs you.

Be blessed and Go in Peace.


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