If I feel prompted to return to a God and fix my life, is that him talking to me?

Dear John,

God and good are the same.  If any message you get is pointing to something better than where you are at the time, then it is God pointing the way.  God's ideas for us can come in a variety of ways, as God is infinite.  His messages have most often come to me as a strong urging, but sometimes I don't get that; after praying sometimes I just start doing something that turns out to be the right thing to do.  Sometimes a though comes so strongly in my mind that it almost startles me, but that is not often.  A few times I've heard a set of directions.  

The important thing, is to listen and follow after you hear.  Then thank Him for every evidence of good that you see along the way and keep going.  I even ask Him for help while cleaning the house.  I talk to Him like a friend. "Father, where shall I put this? Where does this belong?  Should I give this away? What do you want me to do next?"  And, after each step I say, "Thank you Father".  When I see a big mess all cleaned up and have not noticed the time passing and am not tired anymore, but feel like doing more then I give thanks that I was absent from the body and present with the Lord.  It's good to practice with little things, which prepares us for the larger and seemingly more important.
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Marsha Cunningham


I can offer ideas on what makes prayer effective. I pray all day, in different ways and expect results in the forms of ideas, guidance and protection.


My mother was raised with prayer and she raised her family with prayer. It was the foremost answer to our problems. As I became a teenager I often wanted other solutions and rebelled many times but later on in my life, as I began to raise my own family I realized the value and necessity of prayer first, listings and following. I am now a grandmother and have seen countless situations change in my family as a result of prayer. I also relied on prayer in my classroom, as a teacher, to see me through the many difficulties of spending 24 years in some of the roughest areas of a large city. I worked from the premise that all children are gifted, by God, and nothing could stand in the way of that unique expression. When facing difficult situations in helping parents and students I always asked them if they believed in God. They never responded in the negative; so I encouraged them to pray and gave them some brief ideas that had helped me. They were always grateful and together we saw changes.

Forming a nonprofit, Art Improving Academics, and also part of a group which is interested in starting a charter school based on the ideas of all children being gifted and incorporating the arts to improve their academics.

Over the years of classroom experience, I wrote a textbook/handbook for beginning reading wherein is included the prayerful ideas I used to get the results I got.

I am a retired teacher of grades K-3rd, and have now started a pre-K in it's second year. I have a BA in art, clear elementary teaching credential, 21 units in Early Childhood. My students' test scores, above the 50th%tile in gang infested areas, speaks to the effectiveness of the measures I used, all inspired by prayer.

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