Over the past few months I have seen what I think may be God speaking to me. Some has been mundane such as videos, posts on Facebook, and very often I ask God to send me people to talk to me and he does.

The signs say, be patient, keep praying, God is near to help, have faith, etc.

The situation itself seems impossible, but so have many in the bible. Job, Abraham, Joseph, etc

I'm praying for someone to better their lives, and ignore bad influences. I am also asking for a possible relationship. The prayers started with a request for a relationship, then for them to better themselves. The signs started with the request for a relationship.

Do you know if this means anything? Is God nudging me to pray for these two things? Any advice is helpful.

Dear Raul,

Worship the Lord with all your heart. Don't ask for anything.

At sometime the Holy Spirit will ask you to ask. then the request will not be a selfish request from you but a God given invitation to ask Him. Selfless, Christ-like and righteous, fully within the will of God.

Only upon God's invitation , ask for anything. Never because you want it or need it.

Then you will see answers to your prayers.

God bless


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