I have some questions about silent prayer.

Is praying silently, in my mind, as powerful as praying aloud?

Can God hear silent prayers?

When I pray silently, should I call God "God" or "Father"?

Thank you.


Yes Kari, God hears your silent prayers, and they are as powerful as the others spoken. God says 'I am with you
always....." He says "My children know my voice and I know theirs." He tells us he knows what we're going to say even before we say it.  He's a wonderful Heavenly Father.  You can address either way Kari. He is our Lord and Savior, our Creator God, our Heavenly Father, etc.  you are His child, dear one, known that His eye is always upon you and He hears your call, and He promises He will answer.

Rev. Ramona Stonecipher  


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Reverend Ramona Carlene Stonecipher


Hi! I am an ordained United Methodist Minister. I have served the Lord for some thirty years. I am a Bible Scholar, and have taught the Scriptures all of these years. I believe in prayer. I believe, and know by experience, that God answers prayers. I can help you understand what the Bible teaches about prayer, and guide you in how to have a more prayerful lifestyle. I can't tell you why God chooses to answer your prayers the way He does, but I can, through Scripture, show you that He does hear, and He does respond to His children.


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