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Hi Leisha,

I am curious if it would be wrong, or in the wrong to pray for two things:

1.  Is it acceptable, if I am worried about a friendship to pray that a friend has a dream about me that would hit home, and motivate her to call me?  I have a friend (her name is Lizette), who is also a neighbor of my mom.  I think I have mentioned her to both of you, and you may have even met her~ I am not totally sure.  At first, we did no more than split favors... she is a hairdresser who works primarily in real estate, and we were able to have me pay her with my clerical skills.  Since Peggy's (my “Surrogate Grandma”) passing, which grieves me still today, Lizette and I developed a bond, beyond the professional world, and she is basically my closest friend, as I am around her the most.  That said, we have another neighbor, whom I see as a glitch (named Sarah), who I believe could sabotage the friendship for me.  I am really not even sure what it is about Sarah, but I just really do not like her.  I feel like she has been in my way, as she acted oddly jealous of me, when she found out that I hang out with Lizette.  I have wanted to voice this, but am afraid.  What I want to do is try to set up something so Lizette and I decide on a common ground, which would be an excuse to hang out (i.e.: each week we meet for coffee, walk the dog, etc.; could be anything).  Sarah just randomly committed Lizette to an event at her church, and Lizette complied.  I would not chance that, however, I want to find something that would be doable.  For this reason, would it be acceptable to say a prayer that Lizette has a dream about me, which would hit home, and get her to call me, simply to be kind, and show care.  I want to try to get this set up organically, rather than push.

2.  If Sarah is truly interfering with my life in a negative way, would it be wrong to pray that she goes away (like far beyond the Northern Sea) for a really long time, until she no longer has the option of sabotage?  The reason I cannot handle a glitch like this is because I cannot handle losing another friend.  Losing Peggy was just too much, and I cannot do it again.  I know it was all practically nonrealistic ~ an 86 year old retired nurse; of course she was always available!!  The last thing I want is for an immature lady to be taking away my friends, and I have stopped counting the hours I spend worrying, in this respect.  I could be totally off the wall, and maybe Sarah does not even try to take measures to sabotage this, but since I have no proof otherwise, I just want her out of my way.  She usually goes to Florida for the winter, but unfortunately she does not stay permanently.  Since I cannot get away, I just want peace in my life, until I can find other options.  I am convinced that if Lizette does not have the option of spending time with Sarah, we can establish the friendship, and I can feel safe.

Lastly, I am curious as to your take on this:  precisely three months ago, Lizette and I went out for breakfast after church on a Sunday afternoon. I have had ongoing health problems, which I am convinced will not be going away.  Lizette has expressed concern to me about these issues, particularly reiterating the weight loss, even though I meant to do it, and am happy about it.  She thinks I have taken it too far, and believes it is the culprit for all the emergency room visits~ five just since May.  Lizette told me first of all that when she does not hear from me for a few days, she thinks she is going to find out I died.  Also said that she is constantly worrying about me, praying for me, and "giving me to God."  I have to say that from my perspective, THAT seems hard to believe, considering all the hours I have prayed.  Also, if she is truly "giving me to God," why does she not get the message to call me, spend some time with me, be a good friend??  For somebody who expresses this much concern, she does not reach out, as I would, if I were serious.  On the other hand, if all of that is true, do you think I would succeed by praying to God, and asking God to pass those messages on to Lizette?  This is so hard for me.  My life is so complicated, as it is, and being 35 years old, and living at home, it is not always easy.  I need a means of coping, and I view my friendship with Lizette as that means, but I cannot do this on my own.  I just want to be sure I am right with prayer.  My favorite aunt used to tell me, “Be careful what you pray for; you might get it!!”

Dear Katie,
First, allow me to apologize for taking so long to answer. My mom has just passed away. The past few months were spent taking care of her in hospice.

It is always acceptable to pray. God knows us inside and out, our innermost thoughts. Praying is talking to your best friend, hopefully.
When I read through all your questions I'm curious wether you understand Lordship? When we give God control over our entire lives, He is Lord. That means He gets to decide over our life. He wants only the best for us. We trust Him, we believe He knows what's best for us before we do. Therefore, we rest in His all knowing, omniscience, all present, all loving, all of all things wisdom. There we find peace in all circumstances in life. We can rest knowing He has it handled.

When we try to control circumstances or people, we're really not trusting our God. People are brought into our lives. People are often used by God for His glory, whether they're good or not. I hope this helps. There are about 6,750 verses in the bible about "Lord." Here are some scriptures that if you take them into your heart will help guide you in these matters;
Matthew 22:37

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
Jeremiah 29:11 [Full Chapter]

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God will be faithful to you. Blessings, Leisha  


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