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QUESTION: Hello,  I just have a quick question. I often feel guilty for enjoying spending time alone. With that being said is being a loner a sin?

Thank you

Why would being alone be a sin? Jesus often had to get away and be alone. The bigger question I have for you is why do you feel guilty about it? Are you doing something you should feel guilty about? Or have you just been guilted by someone or some religious concept? There is actually a gift of celibacy in the Bible, but that's another whole topic. I myself often have to take time out to be alone, though I never really feel lonely because I'm always with God and He is my best friend. We were created to be relational people, but there are people who are given the gift of loneness. I'd encourage you, as long as you're not in sin, to give yourself a break, enjoy life, enjoy God and others when you are with them. Please let me know if this doesn't cover what you expected. Sincerely,

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QUESTION: Hey thanks for your clarity. I have an additional question.
According to scripture is it a sin for a grown adult woman to dress tomboyish? Even though she is not engaged in sinful homosexuality acts?

Why would how you dress be a sin? I'm going to be praying for you to be set free. Jesus said he came to give us life and life more abundant! He gave us liberty, he set the captives free. So much of what you've inquired about is Old Testament law that Jesus fulfilled. Read the book of Hebrews.

When I was young I often wore Levi's and flannel shirts because I had 3 brothers who passed their clothes on to me. There's also a scripture that states that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at our heart.

Hope this helps, feel free to write again,


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