I regret I have not found a church, and decided the best thing to do or perhaps the most merciful thing I can do for myself is to stop looking. Looking can be exhausting, disappointing,and depressing and I put that pressure on myself and feel I have stopped looking for the remainder of the year.

Frankly, I DO feel better since I have stopped. The pressure to find a church is gone. The disappointment is gone. And the depression is gone. I wake up. Read my Bible. Listen to some songs and then go about my Sunday. That's the best I can do for now and I am not emotionally ready for more.

I don't want looking for a church to "beat me down" emotionally or make me depressed. I think God understands this is best for me now. The rest on Sunday makes me feel better. My therapist said I should not let Sunday ruin my life.

So we worked out ways to make Sunday less stressful and take some pressure off my shoulders. I feel better knowing that I am taking care of myself even though this means missing church. So, Sundays have been much happier. Seeing a therapist also makes me feel better too and she is a Christian.

So, overall, things have been better. I am thinking about taking a summer art class in June to meet people. Mostly, I am working on taking care of myself and taking a break from living up to others expectations. Thanks for praying for me. That makes me feel even better. Have a good evening :-)

I'm so glad you wrote back. My friend that lives out there had sent me this for you, "Tell her to check out Lake Avenue Church is a great traditional church in Pasadena.  It is right off the fwy so it is easy to get to.  
Hollywood Presbyterian is a good traditional church but could be too far.  
Bel Air Presbyterian is really good too but a little ways from Glendale." I just wanted to be sure and pass it along to you.

I'm so happy you're doing better and seeing a therapist! That is great!! That takes so much courage.

I am a full time artist now. I used to be an ordained minister. Art is very therapeutic. I'm a firm believer in Art. God is our creator and created us to be creative beings. Now I know how to better pray for you. Thank you for trusting and sharing with me. Lots of love and prayers,


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