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Please pray for me, fellow Christian. I have failed the Lord by not practicing the way I should, and pray everyday, like I should. The last couple times I prayed it was because i was in bad times. I SHOULD be praying everyday, in good times also, to praise his name and give thanks.
I also need a prayer that I need to treat my 3 month-old son better. I yell at him for no good reason, even went as far as to tell him that I hated him a couple times, out of fustration from him crying. I don't want to hurt my son; I love him and want to be the best mother to him. I can NEVER forgive myself for the times I hurt him. I want to stop.
Please pray that I'll be a better mother, a loving one, and that I'll never stop practicing
Christianity again. I don't like myself; I want to be/do better.
I also want to be cured of Post-partum depression.

Thank you, and God Bless,

Dear Teenie,

Thank You for writing me and God Bless you as well.  I know how you feel but believe me you are not a bad mother at all and if you know for a fact that you are, then just stop.  There is no formula at all.

If it is difficult then pray and confess to God what is going on, because He already knows and tell Him to send you what you need.  I will pray with you about that in a moment but first I want to let you know that I understand what you are going through.  I know that I have a good relationship with God but lately it seems as if the relationship is lame.  I prayed to God today and confessed a lot of how I felt and the fact that I wasnt sure what I felt, all I know is that this thing is real and I want to serve Him successfully.  Sometimes I feel as though I am failing miserably but so do others who have been following the Lord for a very long time.

You know when the devil comes to temp you and to make you irritable, resist, you may fail the first few times and then be successful.  Or you may be successful and then fail on some occassion, but it will show that at least you are trying and because of that God will send you what you need to be totally delievered of the problem.  Your baby knows that you love him/her. when you feel yourself becoming angry, stop and say Lord, give me strength, you said in your word that you would carry my burdens and this is a burden to me, help me Lord God to be all that you have called me to be.

As for you getting right with God, you have already taken the first steps and God will honor that.  Let's pray:

Father God in the name of your precious Son Jesus Lord, please forgive us of our sins, things we know we did and things we did not even realize we'd done.  Lord I stand in agreement with Teenie right now that she will rededicate her life, her time, her finances and her all to you so thaat you might be glorified.  Lord please deliever her from her post partum depression, we know that it is not your will that your people oppressed or depressed, Lord we pray right now that if there be any unclean spirits hindering Teenie Lord that you would bind them up right now and cut them off from the powers in the air and that you would command them to be removed from her right now in the name of Jesus, we pray peace and blessings and prosperity over her right now in the name of Jesus so that her health, her mind, and her family and finances might prosper just as her soul will prosper as you have called us to prosper and we pray that restoration will be restored to her Lord so that she wont snap at her baby Lord.  I know that you are mighty and strong and able to accomplish all that we have asked Lord because there is no great thing that you can not handle and we give you thanks honor and glory for it right now in the name of Jesus.  Amen

Well Teenie I believe God for you so you believe it as well and God bless you, I love you as well, just like the Father and Son and Spirit of God loves you.  Love Sharman


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Praise God, I can stand with you and believe God for your blessing. I can pray with you, when you need a friend. I have not studied at any Colleges but I have picked up the Word of God and read it for myself. His Holy Spirit will stand in agreement with us. If we pray according to His Word.


God is good and has brought me through may trials, whether self-inflicted or not. Our lives may seem hopeless but as long as there is breath in our lungs, there is always hope. I want Gods people to know this, as well as the lost. I remember I wanted to sing professionally for the Lord, but I did not have the voice to do it. I prayed and asked God to bless me in this area. I forgot that I had even prayed this prayer and two weeks later God supernaturally blessed me with an awesome voice. I believe God for the impossible, because He is the possible.

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