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Christianity--Tips for Ministers/Is it possible to becoome a Minister without formal education?


Blessing be to you Don.
I have recently received a BA Degree in Sociology and Writing in 2000.  For my final thesis I wrote that I know that God has a calling on my heart, for my love for him is eternal.

I wish to be ordained a Minister at our Non-Denom church.  BUT here comes the problem, I am 62 and handicapped and low income,   I have seeked online and took every free Christian lesson for three years on subjects from the Bible.

The problem is that I really and truly would like to become a Minister and be a teacher of the elderly in a day carecenter and possibly become a Chaplan in a geriatric homes.

My Pastor [who as I feel is awesome] wants a real document from the schhol I attended and also their phone #.

I have no proof of education but by the Holy Spirit, for my house is overflowing with Christian books ftom studying.

Would I still have to become a Minister and attend Christian and Denominatial Education, or do I trust within myself that the Lord has completed me.

I was told last week that my Pastor would approach the board to make a decision.  I have prayed that their answer is positive, but question still fill my mind.

Please Don, may I have your opinion.  I do teach once a month to the elderly, but the day care also wants documentation of my Ordination.  I realize the punishment from God as we preach or teach false religion,  I have relied on the Holy Spirit for the right words to teach and speak.

Thank you for answering my question.

The Apostle John writes in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 1, "we are a kingdom of priests". How can we NOT teach, preach and minister since we have all been called by Christ and given His Holy Spirit? We must! Otherwise, we might burst out in praise and thanksgiving at the most inconvenient of times! HA!

The outpouring of God's Spirit is evidently on you. So, preach and teach if you have been sanctioned and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Let your mouth bring forth praise and preach His glorious Message of peace, love, joy, and hope! Announce it from the rooftops! Speak it in your going in and coming out! In all things, give Him praise and proclaim the Name of Christ! If Christ is truly living in you!

If you wish to represent your local non-denominational organization, then you must have met THEIR qualifications and be called by them to represent them. If you want the care center to recognize you as a Chaplain then you will have to meet their requirements and qualifications for a Chaplain.

But, if you have the Holy Spirit, and feel a call on your heart to speak the truths of God to others concerning the glorious riches of God's grace, then preach it wherever anyone will give you opportunity or audience. Preach it even when others try to silence you but always with joy and love in your heart. Only through sincere and pure motives.

So, the first thing the Holy Spirit will identify in your heart is whether your motives truly are pure in this desire. Let Him! If this desire is only to please others or for seeking the glory of men then seek the qualifications of men. If it is sincere and only for the glory of God, then seek the qualifications of God. Grow in the grace and knowledge of Him who died for you! Stay attached to Christ and HE will put on the fruit of the Spirt, and increasing! You either HAVE received or WILL receive the anointing of the Spirit and the gift of teaching. If not, you are unqualified!

The Spirit gives to each believer the gift that THE SPIRIT chooses. Other spiritual persons CLEARLY will then recognize in you the Presence of God and gift of teaching given by the Holy Spirit. But, these persons must ALSO be seeking God themselves and following His Spirit. If so, then they will seek you out and ask you to utilize your gift from the Spirit.

Unfortunately, non-denominational churches call their own kind. Too many times, they want preachers and teachers that promote and preach their tenets of non-denominational or denominational creeds. Many of these man-made creeds are only man-created traditions. These may or may not be from God!

God does not necessarily call the "qualified"! But, he certainly will qualify all those whom HE calls!

May God bless you with a powerful out-pouring of His Spirit that all may clearly see HIM in you! Praise be to our Lord God for evermore, age without end!

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