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emmamac wrote at 2010-05-13 12:14:11
Dear Esther

I am a 42 year old Christian Mom with 4 beautiful children, 2 girls 16 and 14 and boys aged 9 and 12. Like you I believe in modest and dignified dress always wearing skirts or dresses and agree that wearing a girdle is the proper and respectable thing to do, my husband also agrees with my point of view and would be disappointed if I let my standards slip. To an extent I agree with your husband that it may be time for your twins to start wearing girdles but may be you should wait until they return from summer camp. I insisted my eldest daughter started to wear a girdle when she was 15, at first on formal outing say to church or family occasions and more lately on a more regular basis. I feel it makes her understand her position in the family and uphold her moral journey into womanhood. I took her to a local store and showed her what was appropriate and we chose 3 pantie girdles and one all-in one. At first my daughter was not pleased at having to wear a girdle but she soon realized that it was a matter of principle and once she got used to the initial discomfort she obeyed without question. I did not worry about girdles being out of fashion for  my daughter as the idea of fashion I believe can lead to moral corruption. From My point of view I set a moral standard with my dress and I expect my children to follow and if they do not they are breaking the code of obedience and would be punished. I will expect my younger daughter to follow suit this year although she is a strong willed girl and I expect I will have to be firmer with her. As far as questioning your husband, as a conservative Christian I feel you have to take his lead, if he feels that a dress code for your daughters  will guard against sin and temptation then he is right.  I hope this helps you.

God Bless


star wrote at 2014-02-25 14:26:57
They should be able to wear what they like. you are being over proytective and they are going to hate you. you sound abusive and just have problems. I am 13 year old muslim by the way.

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