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QUESTION: What are we saved from? Because it seems like according to Scripture where saved from God by God arranging His own suicide, but that can't really be what Christians believe because that makes no sense. I wish to understand Christianity, but do not.

   Thank you for the question.  When just looking at some of the concepts that are taught in Christianity at first it can seem a bit overwhelming and confusing but let me attempt to shed some light for you.  

First of all you have to go back to the beginning of the Bible.  In the beginning God created Man and Woman and was going to allow them to spend their time in his perfect creation.  The problem came in the fact that Satan tempted Eve to eat of the one tree that God told them to not eat of.  Satan told them that it would make them like God and they would have their eyes opened.  You can see this in chapter 3 of Genesis.  

After Adam and Eve both ate of the tree, they felt ashamed and this was truly the first Sin as God instructed them not to do it yet they did.  God then said that from that day forward things would change.  There would be much pain and sorrow in this life whether that be from having to work to get your food, or through childbirth for women and so forth.  But this was not the end of the story.  

During the Old Testament we see how God gave the people a new way to obey him. He gave us his ten commandments and the Levitical Law.  This was basically a rule book for how you were to live and how you were to worship God.  The people had various rules such as that they needed to sacrifice animals to God in a show of their faith in him to even how far they could walk to church.  Over time God began to see that these rules / laws were too much for man to do correctly.  You can read about this in Romans 7 and 8. It wasn't that the law was bad but the people were not perfect enough to get everything right.  So God had to send another way for the people to pay for their sins.  See from the first man and woman we have passed down a nature to sin.  Like when you are a little boy you do not have to learn to steal or lie it is just there.  Yet God says those are sins and if we sin we have to pay the price somehow.  And in Romans 6:23 it says that the "wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."  So what God decided to do was to send his son Jesus to come to earth. Jesus was perfect in every way and he was tempted by Satan too but never sinned.  Yet in the end of his life they crucified him.  See in the Old Testament times they had to sacrifice a spotless lamb once a year as an atonement for the sins of the people.  Jesus became the lamb for us but not only did he die; he rose again three days later from the dead and then ascended to heaven.  

See God didn't just arrange his own suicide.  He sent his son Jesus to die as a payment for our sins as a gift like it says in Romans 6:23.  All we have to do to get to heaven is simply ask Jesus into our hearts, believe that he did this and put our trust in him for our salvation.  Once you believe this you will get to go to heaven whenever your time on earth ends.  See Jesus was the perfect sacrifice so no other sacrifice ever needs to take place.

See Alex we all are eternal beings.  Our life on this earth is only temporary but when we are finished here we have two places we will go.  One is heaven and one is hell.  If you choose to trust in Jesus for your salvation and that he died on the cross, rose three days later, and paid the price for your sins, you will end up in Heaven.  If you do not you will end up in hell.  This is what you are saved from.  

Thank you for the question and please feel free to keep asking more questions.  Talk to you soon and God Bless!    

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QUESTION: I'm still a bit confused. Sometimes (and I do not mean to insult your faith),Christianity sounds like pure fantasy. When I compare it to my religion Buddhism mine makes more sense and is more practical (to me.) Buddha identified the problem in life (suffering) its cause ("tanha" in Pali, sometimes translated "desire" but more appropriately "craving" such as anger, greed and lust)and it's solution (the Noble Eightfold Path-a path of virtue). In Christianity what is the cause of the suffering in life? Why do we feel dissatisfied? How can this problem be resolved?

    Thanks for the question again.  The suffering in life comes from the sin that we all do.  And the goal in the end is Heaven which God has made for those who trust in His son for their salvation.  The reason we feel dissatisfied often is because of not living our life the way God taught us through his word.  

I understand it is difficult to understand some of these concepts at first but in the same token the Buddhist faith seems a bit fantastic as well.  Jesus taught that " I am the way the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father, but by me" teaching that only by putting your faith in him will you truly get to Heaven.  If you want to become a "higher being" in the Buddhist faith you need to do things according to a man by the name of Siddhartha Guatama.  Then and only then can you raise up to a higher being than what you already are.  But if you do things wrong you will inevitably end up as a dog, cat, insect, and so forth.  My question to you is this:  How can Christianity seem so much like a fantasy and this seem like truth?  I suggest that it is due to misleading by a man who was nothing more than that, a man.  One question I always had for Mr. Guatama is if you become a worm due to your actions in your life, how do you ever improve?  Are there worm activities that you need to obey?  Did he forget to write his instructions for different animals and how to get back to your human state?  Then my other question would be that after thousands of years of life on this earth, the same people would be regenerating over and over again; why haven't they gotten it right by now?  Shouldn't we all be perfect beings?  Shouldn't you have remembered your life previously when you were young?  

See if you look at Buddhism constructively; it appears to be the "religion" that is purely fantasy.  God has given us a way to make it to heaven and spend eternity with him.  It is all very clear and even the history of the Bible is spot on in terms of accuracy.  My suggestion to you is to pray to God and ask him to show you the truth; and open your heart to let him do so.  If you go into it thinking you are just "testing God" or giving "God a try" you will inevitably come out disappointed.  Please feel free to ask more questions.  Thank you again!  

Brendon Eash

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I also have taken many in depth courses in Biblical Studies including various surveys of the Old and New Testament. I am active within my local church and attend continuing education on all subjects within the Bible.



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