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Hi there, its me again, Amanda! This time, I'd like to ask why did Jesus turn water into alcohol and made people drunk if drunkenness ia a sin?

Hi Amanda....  The wine that Jesus made wasn't old wine, but new wine. New wine has very little alcohol in it.

When His Word, says do not get drunk on wine. He wouldn't go against His own word, and make it  so.  Even those partaking said, the *good wine* had been served last.  which is another insight into the fact that this new wine, had very little alcohol, but much flavour..

The Same as the Ten Commandments..  "Thou shalt not Kill!" Should have used the word " Murder " which is in the same translation as *Kill1*...  For when these commandments were given, Jehovah said for Moses to go and Kill all those who had worshipped the golden calf....  God would not say, " Don't KIll, and then turn right around and say, Go Kill!  See?  Murder and Killing are two different things.  In war, men are killed, not murdered..

Keep em coming Amanda.....

Sincerely in Him
Mr. B.  

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