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I realize I'm a dirty, filthy, worthless, disgusting, depraved, vile, evil sinner whom God holds over the flames of Hell the way one might hold a spider over the fire, so why did God create me if he plans on tormenting me for all eternity in Hell for acting on desires he gave me?

this is true:  You ARE a dirty, filthy, worthless, disgusting, depraved, vile, evil sinner, and in that regard, you're exactly like me.

The reason why you're a sinner is not God's plan, it was Adam who disobeyed Him and introduced evil into the world.

God does NOT hold you over the fire.  God has provided you a way out:  Jesus.

God does NOT plan on tormenting you, and will not send you to Hell.  God wants you to repent, worship Him, and live forever in Heaven with Him.

God did NOT give you those desires that torment you.  The devil did.

God DID give you free will, the free will to choose your own behavior.  You must take responsibility for it.  If your behaviour has been dirty, filthy, worthless, disgusting, depraved, vile, & evil, which I doubt, it's because you have followed in the way of Adam and made some really bad choices.

My advice to you?  Instead of considering yourself all those bad things, consider yourself a child of God who is struggling along the road of righteousness with the rest of us, trying, and sometimes failing, but always getting up to try again to make better choices.

The above is a short version of Bible 101.  Another is found in Romans 5:18  You may have to read a few verses above or below to get context.  I'm not printing it here, because I want you to make the choice whether or not to read it.  You can do it, I'm sure.

If you have more questions, holler.

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