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Why do you insist that I haven't already done that? You don't know me.  You don't know the experiences I've had.  You don't know what's in my heart. the only judgement that counts is when we stand in front of God and answer for our lives, not any judgement made by man on Earth.  Is it because you're a different denomination?  Is it because I don't believe exactly the way you do?  I've been very confused by our entire conversation, trying to understand what your original purpose was in writing to me in the first place.

Carl, if one wants to know what is in a persons heart, all they have to do, is listen to what comes out their mouth..

And after reading your answers to Sarah, and telling her to see a therapist over her depression, says you don't have spiritual wisdom, or knowledge, but that which is yet of the world..

Depression, oppression, obsession, and possession comes from the spirits of darkness, and no worldly therapist has the keys to binding and loosing the spirits of darkness, but a Spirit endowed Christian sure does.

I could go much further in your answers, but I've pointed to they problem. You, like many Christians have not found the wisdom, or knowledge from above. And yet are still carnal..

Taking decades to turn ones life over to Christ. Get a life Carl.

You, as you've said, will stand in judgement for the things you have answered to those seeking the truth.. A greater judgement falls on those proposing to teach the Truth to His children.. James 3:1


Telling someone to see a therapist because they're depressed is the smart thing to do.  You may think that I don't have spiritual wisdom, but no amount of spiritual wisdom is going to be able to solve depression through email.  I know when I'm out of my league.  I've probably had much more training and personal experience than you when it comes to depression.  Prayer certainly helps, but it is not the answer.  

I reiterate that no one appointed you to know what's in my heart, know what spiritual gifts I have, and to judge whether or not my life is turned over to Christ.  Get a life?  I have a life, thank you very much.  And you're right, it DID take decades. You can quote scripture all you want, but it takes more than cherry picking scripture to understand and address problems.  I stand by all my answers that I've given on All Experts, all 1,000+ of them over the last 10 years.  I must be doing something right, because my ratings are considerably higher than the 1's you gave.

Yes, James 3:1 is a good passage to quote.  I've been doing youth ministry for over 30 years in 2 different churches, plus 10 more in a parachurch organization.  I've been judged by hundreds of youth and parents, and I've stood up to the test, thanks.

I'm real sorry that you've appointed yourself judge and jury on me.  Still don't know how I offended you so and can't understand your agenda. Seriously, if you think you can do better, apply to be an expert and open yourself up to judgement.


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I can answer questions from teens & young adults concerning their faith walk and on social issues which affect their lives. I can answer questions on sex, homosexuality, or drugs, and anything else that might be troubling you. After 30 years in youth ministry, nothing shocks me, and I promise to give straight answers to any and all questions. I can also answer questions from youth workers on problems they`re having with programming or with their groups.


I have been involved in youth and young adult ministries as a volunteer for over 35 years. I am currently a volunteer youth minister in a suburban UM church - I have a small group of 7th and 8th graders.

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