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QUESTION: You know, I've looked back over our communication, and quite frankly, your rating of me is rather harsh.  *I know we're not supposed to judge,* but you've judged me harshly and I feel justified in telling you so.  The only reason that I can see to rate both my knowledge and clarity as a 1 is only because your original question was not at all clear or specific.  Rating me poorly just because you disagree with me is not quite fair.  Just wanted to tell you that.


" Not supposed to Judge???"  Now where in the world did you ever get that idea??

We are to  judge, and to judge with righteous judgement. We are to even judge angels. We are to judge between one another in disputes. The scripture on not judging is with the precept, don't judge if you do the same thing. Remove the log from your eye, and then you can see, and judge clearly, in removing the splinter from one brothers eye.

Well Carl, you have been judged fairly, and with righteous judgement.

Just the fact that you have been and it has bothered you to this point speaks volumes!

ANSWER: Whatever.

Have a nice day.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Praise Jesus!  Give the rocks a break!
Luke 19:38-40 (Loose translation)

And again Carl......  Moses got in deep trouble because he smote the rock, instead of speaking to the rock....  He was only supposed to smite the rock the first time.

Maybe if one *spoke* to the rock Christ Jesus, you'd get that living water He promised.


ANSWER: Now you're getting insulting, thinking that you're so self righteous that can know whether or not I'm a believer. Do you do that to everyone you talk to?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Now you're getting insulting, thinking that you're so self righteous that can know whether or not I'm a believer. Do you do that to everyone you talk to?

Carl, even Satan is a believer. Believing in Christ, and receiving Christ are two different things..  Hebrews 2: 1--4..  Says that God witnesses to His salvation, and gives the evidence.  Do you possess the evidence, that witnesses to His salvation?

Examine yourself, in the light of the word of God. And then Judge yourself..


Why do you insist that I haven't already done that? You don't know me.  You don't know the experiences I've had.  You don't know what's in my heart. the only judgement that counts is when we stand in front of God and answer for our lives, not any judgement made by man on Earth.  Is it because you're a different denomination?  Is it because I don't believe exactly the way you do?  I've been very confused by our entire conversation, trying to understand what your original purpose was in writing to me in the first place.

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