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I've watched the movie "Prometheus" a few times and I was amazed by it for a number of reasons one of the reasons being is that it's supposed to be a prequel to 1979's "Alien". The other reasons are the fact that in "Prometheus" it also poses the questions that us humans have always wondered about since the very beginning of our existence such as; 1)Where did we come from? 2)Who, or what, created us? 3)Why are we here? And 4)What is our purpose in this life? Anyways, the plot of the story is that the crew of this scientific exploratory spaceship named Prometheus come to this small planet called LV-223 which is orbiting a bigger gas giant planet hoping to find the origins of human life. They get their answer as to who was responsible for creating the human race and it was these very white(more like albino white)race of beings whom the crew starting calling them engineers because they engineered humans and the way they get their answer is from DNA testing from the dead body of one of the engineers, but even though the human crew found their answer I guess one could say it came w/ a price because all hell breaks loose and bad things start happening to the crew after they find out that LV-223 is a testing ground for biological weapons that the engineers created to wipe out the human race, and it was discovered that thousands of years earlier the engineers had originally planned to bring their biological weapons to earth to destroy the human race but the plan was thwarted because the biological weapons the engineers created turned on them killing all except for one lone engineer on LV-223. In the movie I saw clues as to what the engineers created and, especially at the end, I saw a less evolved version of the Xenomorph aliens that I've seen in the Alien saga. I thought "Prometheus" was a good movie, however, their were complaints that the movie's director Ridley Scott left too many questions unanswered. The main question being; If the engineers created humans, then why did they change their minds and want to destroy the human race? So I read some interesting theories about the movie on a site called think that's right)and one of the theories was(and here's where it gets really interesting) that Jesus Christ was an emissary of the engineers who came to earth and of course we all know that the humans crucified Jesus and then the engineers came to earth to check on their emissary only to discover that he'd been murdered by the humans and out of anger and rage created the Xenomorph creatures to wipe out the human race but like I said the biological experiment turned on them. Of course I realize it's just a movie but I must confess that it made me question the origins of humankind. Anyways, I guess my question is; What are your thoughts about this fascinating theory I read?

Hi David-

It's been a while, how are you doing?

You've got me at a disadvantage here, because I've seen neither movie, in fact, I don't recall that I've even heard of Prometheus. The only thing I've seen of his was Gladiator (where he was uncredited as Esecutive Producer) and GI Jane in the movies, and Numb3rs on TV (which I loved).  Based ONLY on what your wrote, it sounds like there may be some coincidental (or perhaps on purpose) parallels in Prometheus and the broad scope of the Bible, in the end, it's just a movie.  God indeed did destroy most of the Earth, but gave humans a second chance.  I cannot believe in a god that would be angry enough to wipe out His creation, with out a way out.  In the Old Testatment, the second chance was the Ark, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ is His SON (not his emissary) and the second chance that all of us need.

While theories such as these abound, I believe that the Bible is the real story of God.

Thanks for writing.


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