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Is watching/looking/reading pornography really a sin? Because from looking at our generation, the only sin in this area is taking someone's spouse or partner away or cheating while they are in a relationship. Another thing would be forcing someone into sex against their will, ergo, rape or pervertism. A lot of things in the bible spoke of this. I don't think I remember reading anything that had to do with singles showing off online at porn sites for entertainment so that guys can put aside their need for lust in person. Although, they keep including "pornography" under "lust" in the commandments' description. I don't want to have to go up to the priest during confession telling him the same thing over and over again as if I'm not trying to be better. We all can't help it during our years of puberty. If you can remember, I was the guy from awhile back asking you if we were supposed to tell the priest about lust. I managed to bring up the courage, but this was the second/third time and I'm getting a little worried.


Sorry I haven't answered this for weeks.  I must have missed my email notification.

I think I sent you an essay about masturbation, and it touches on pornography.  Reread that, and if you don't have it, just write back and I'll send it to you again.

I don't know what the rules are for your church, but I DO know that it is practically impossible for a male human to:

a) watch pornography without getting turned on, i.e., an erection.

b) masturbate without lusting after someone even if you didn't look at pornography.

Sorry dude, either way, you're screwed - it's still lust, and lust is a sin.

Watching pornography can also be sinful without the sex, because much of the porn industry exploits porn stars, especially young women.  The young woman think it's their body, they want to make money and start out by doing nude modeling, and the next thing you know it, they are having sex on screen when they really don't want to.  go to and you can read all about.  By watching the pornography, you are somewhat responsible for the exploitation yourself.  If there's no market, the pornographers won't make it.

If you can seriously watch pornography without lusting after the images you see; and if you can masturbate without fantasizing or lusting after someone, then you get a pass from me (not your priest).  But I don't think you can do it.

I hear what you say about pornography and masturbation being an outlet for not having sex in person, but "less wrong" is still not right, got it?

I know you're struggling, but I think you're just looking for loopholes, when I think you should be looking for ways to stop.  It's every man's problem, trust me.  Just keep on trying.


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