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I've watched this movie called "Game Change" a few times and it's a political drama which is about the 2008 presidential race and it mainly focuses on John McCain(played by Ed Harris)picking Sarah Palin(played brilliantly by Julianne Moore)as his vice presidential running mate. From everything we've heard about Sarah Palin from the media I, and probably lots of others, obviously know that she's religious and she's Christian, but according to the "Game Change" movie, it portrayed Sarah Palin as choosing not to use cuss words. For example, instead of saying something like how the fuck did this happen, she would instead say "How the flip did this happen?" And, in another example, instead of saying I hate those fucking note cards Sarah says "I hate those flippin' cards anyway". After hearing this, it brought to mind an interesting question, and that is; Is it true that there's some religious people, especially Christians, who choose not to use cuss words for religious reasons?

WARNING:  This discussion is about cussing and swearing.  It is NSFW or H.  Bad words follow below in a serious discussion of why people cuss.  If you are offended by cuss words, do not read.

Hi David,

How are you doing?  Me, not so good.  I had surgery on my foot and leg and I'm stuck in a boot and can't walk much.  I also am taking a daily IV that I have to go to the hospital for, 32 more days (I've done 9).  Other than that, I'm okay.

Fascinating question.  I know many Christian people who don't "cuss", but I have no idea for what reason.  I know a lot of other people who AREN'T practicing questions who don't cuss or cuss very little.  As for me, I don't cuss a lot because many people would be offended by it, people that I don't wish to offend.

But the real problem here, David, is twofold.  Cuss words, and God's name in vain.  The Bible warns us about taking the Lord's name in vain.  That even rated a commandment and is the Third Commandment given to Moses.  That would include words like "goddamn", "Holy Christ" when spoken in surprise or anger, "Jesus Christ" when you smash your thumb with a hammer.  Even omg would be violating the 3rd ammendment.  We get on our kids all the time about saying omg and "Oh My God".  The proper thing to say would be "Oh my goodness" or "Oh my gosh."

Cuss words are totally different.  When I was young, I'd get in trouble for saying "damn".  I didn't even know what fuck meant.  Now, it seems society would accept someone saying "freakin", knowing full well that what they're thinking is "fucking".  George Carlin once said something like, "when did fucking become an adjective?  It's a verb!"  He also said "why do people call a bad man a cocksucker?  Hell, a cocksucker is a Good woman."  Cuss words change, and move with the times.  Ultimately, fuck will become acceptable in polite society, but probably not in my lifetime.  People choose to say what they say.  Some people may use what other people consider offensive all the time, but they wouldn't choose to say them when the pastor is around.  Well, I know a lot of pastors, and believe me, even they cuss occasionally.

I don't know why Sarah doesn't cuss.  But I don't think as much of her because she still uses "flippin" all the time.  I admire her for accomplishments, and agree with her on the issues (and would vote for long before I'd vote for Hillary), but I think that her use of "flippin" makes her less of a lady, because she's trying to get attention.  There are other adjectives that she could use that are more appropriate.  But see, that's me.  People would be shocked if they ever sat in the Oval Office when there's no camera running, I'll bet.

The best argument I ever heard about cussing was from an Army Chaplain when I was in Army Basic Training.  He asked point blank - "Do you use that language around your mother, your sister, your grandparents?  Then why do you use it elsewhere?"  You can choose to cuss or not.  I choose not to, although I'm human, and I do sometimes.  Whether you do it for religious reasons, or for any other reasons, I think it makes you a better human being if you don't, regardless of religion.

I know I probably didn't answer your question, but I hope I helped.  BTW, I LOVED this question.  Never had it before, I don't think.  Keep 'em coming.


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