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You are right!  Now I have known the truth: the devil is reminding me of my past mistake so that I may give up on my dream and my scientific career, lose confidence not only in myself but also in God and be completely discouraged. The only problem is (that) I find it extremely difficult to get rid of that despicable, unwanted, distracting, depressing, negative, dispiriting voice!  Whenever I try to visualize myself pioneering the cure for HIV or try to prepare for my viable plan, the voice appears and speaks to sadden me, and I will be disconnected from those positive things. In fact, the voice seems to have occupied my mind--it makes my heart pound with anxiety. PLEASE HELP ME! WHAT EXACTLY SHOULD I DO TO GET THIS DEVIL VOICE OUT OF MY MIND?  (I try to send the above message via email, but it fails. I don't know why.)

Hi Johnny.  Know this that many Christians have this experience, but fortunetly the Lord has led you to His servant that can give you the remedy...!

First thing, Know that you can't help it, if a bird lands on your head, BUT you don't have to let it build a nest...  Simply meaning you can't stop thoughts from the liar to infiltrate your mind, but you don't have to keep them in mind.  It is a simple thing to change ones mind, depending on what their attention is drawn to.

When those thoughts come from the liar, change your thoughts on something else, like Gods word. " He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, joy, peace, and a sound mind!"

One can't think of two things at the same time.

Secondly ...." what the devil plans for evil, the Lord helps us to turn it for good!"  That simply means, that when those thoughts of " you can't, you won't, it won't happen, your not good enough, it won't ever happen, etc, etc, etc.  ( Now here is what the Liar doesn't want you to know!)  Since these thoughts are lies, then it remains that the exact opposite is true.  )  { Too simple eh? }

So the " you can't "  is " you can ". The " you won't ", becomes " you will!"  The " it won't happen ", means it will happen!"   Do you see the precept?

When the liar finds out that you are gaining truth from his lies, he will find another who doesn't know his secret....

So just laugh out loud, when he tells you a lie, and point out the fact that for every lie, you can take the truth from it..!  It makes the devil really small, and insignificant!  Understand?

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Sincerely Your Mentor in Christ
Mr B...  

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