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Let assume that you're predestined to be a president; that is, it's revealed to you that you're destined to become a president in the future. Then your mind persuade you to curse your future by saying negative word about it, and you do it. (For example, you say: "I will not be a president; I can't be a president. That is indeed impossible. In fact, I will not succeed as a president.") Later, you realize that cursing your future is not good. So you start to bless your future and cancel every self-inflicted curse regarding it. You believe that your future has been blessed--no longer stain with curse--and you do everything with happiness. Some months later, your belief change, and the next you know you're pessmistic about your future. Everytimes your mind will tell you this: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME; DON'T EVEN DREAM OF BECOMING A PRESIDENT. YOU HAVE CURSED YOURSELF IN THE PAST. YOUR DESTINY HAVE CHANGED. YOU'LL WILL NOT BECOME A PRESIDENT! Whenever you hear this discouraging voice--you become hopeless--paralyze with fear. You focus on that voice alone, even if you pray. Your faith in God and in yourself totally lost. As a result, you're not interested in pursing career in politics. Your life completely disorganized. Give me an insight into this, so the following are my questions:
(1)Is the belief true or false.
(2)Can destiny or prdestination change or destroy.
(3)Can curse or negative words work or effective again if you replace them with positive words and blessing?
(4)Can the purpose of God in your life change due to the mistake you made in the past(for instance, the one above)?

Mr B
Mr B  
Morning JohnnyX. The answer to your 4 questions is an emphatic " NO!"   They are all false, with no foundation...............!

Johnny I can fully explain the why and wherefore with the Word of God on this dilemma your having, but before I do, I would like to know a little about your Christian background!

Do you belong or attend any church affiliations? Do you read and study your Bible, especially the new testament? When did you come to first believe in the gospel, and as Paul asked John the baptists disciples, " have you received the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus in your life! If so, have you had any of the 9 gifts of the manifestation of the Spirit in your walk.(1 Cor. 12)?

I am assuming simply because you seem easily led astray from Gods Word, and His ways, and purposes for your life, while here in this world.

Johnny, could you answer these questions for me?  In the meantime, I will direct my responses to what you have written above, and send it along when I hear back from you..

Sincerely In Him

MR B...

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