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It seems that my problem cannot be scientifically explained and understood. I should say that it is correlated with supernatural forces. My name is Johnny, and I am 19-year-old. I am a naturally gifted musician. When I was 8, It was revealed to me that I was predestined to be a word-famous musician. Growing up, I started seeing the sign in my life. I sang in the church, street and club, and people did not only admired my voice but also my lyrics. In fact, I am a class of my when it comes to music. However, mysterious things happened to me. ( Maybe those things are planned to changed my destiny.) I ejaculated without having sex everytimes I look at porn picture or video; in other words, I masturbated. I did this for roughly three years. In addition to that, I encountered some mysterious problem. For example, I was diagnosed with a disease, which cannot be cured. I was thankful that God saved my life!  
   To leave off masturbation, I cursed my future by saying negative words. For instance, I say : "If I intentionally ejaculated without having sex again, I'd not succeeded in music; I'd not became a world-famous musician." In the next day--I did what I vowed not to do--and I prayed to cancel that curse. I believed that the curse is ineffective and would not had any negative impact in my future. Six months later, suddenly, I began to believe that the curse would became reality. I start to hate music. If I want to sing, a voice discouraged me, saying that why am I wasting my time, for I have cursed myself. I have changed my destiny. At that moment, I will obey that voice and sat down, palayzed with fear and anxiety. PLEASE HELP ME! I HAVE THREE QUESTIONS:

Romans 7:19-20:

19 I donít do the good things I want to do. I keep on doing the evil things I donít want to do.   
20 I do what I donít want to do. But I am not really the one who is doing it. It is sin living in me.

Paul struggled, too.  All of us struggle with sin, for sin is within us from birth.  It's our job to struggle against the sin and take the path towards Jesus.

1.  The only way I know to get rid of negative feelings is to pray, and choose to be positive.  Trust me, I know it's hard, but God will help you if you pray believing that He CAN help.
2.  To try and stop masturbating by saying curses, is merely the sin or the devil trying to convince you that you CAN'T stop.  You CAN stop, with God's help.  Your belief that a curse will help is, I believe, false.
3. Predestination, by definition, cannot change.  You need to just choose what will make your career as a musician great, and go do it.  The voices in your head are of the devil.  God will grant you confidence.

Masturbation is a natural part of life.  All guys do it.  ALL guys do it.  Not so much, girls.  But listen to me:  ALL GUYS DO IT.  You're no different, and you're probably not going to stop.  Don't worry so much about it.  It won't kill you, and it won't keep you out of heaven.

Just keep trying to be a musician.  Sounds like that IS your destiny.

Hope this helps.  Please give me some feedback.


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