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Before--I masturbate--but, now, I have lived off masturbation because it seems to harm my future. The only problem is (that) I involuntarily ejaculate while I am sleeping without having a nocturnal emission or wet dream. I really don't know whether this is caused by nature or demonic force. Could you please throw light on this complicated issue?

Hi Johnny X from Norway, or South Africa!  I have noticed " Johnny that you have been asking the same questions of others on the Christian forum, and I have to wonder just what you are up to. I'm not sure if you are really looking for answers to a problem, or if you are just looking for someone to agree with you.

Even this question has need of a question. If you " involuntarily ejacute " while asleep, without having a "wet" dream, or have a nocturnal " emission ", then we have a contradiction.  You can't have a " wet " dream, or a nocturnal " emission " , without ejaculate being present.

Now, can one ejaculate, secret, expel, emit, ejaculate/semen, while sound asleep?  Answer...Yes!  Wether one remembers the dream that brings about an erection, and an expulsion of semen, or not, isn't the question either.

The question is the dream ( remembered or not ) brought about the experience, and it happens alot of times to boys, and men, of all ages. It is a natural occurance, that happens from some daily stimulus that can bring on a noctural happening. It is " natural ", so you can quit worrying about it.

Now, if it were a dream, where you are placed in a position of having sex to the point of ejaculating, then  the question would be.....did you have a choice in this dream to enjoin yourself to the circumstance, or did you find yourself in the circumstance without your having any consent?   Now that dear fella is the liar at work. He doesn't give, especially christians a choice to engage in either sex, or smoking, or some sin. They usually find themselves in the midst of doing such things, bringing on the guilt trip.

The Lord always gives us choices, and we either obey, or not, but it is our choice. The liar never does.

So there you are. Hope you compare this responce to the others, and see who sets the captives free?

Sincerely In Him

Mr B...  

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