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I am an 8th grade student, doing a genuis hour project for my English class. Genuis hour is where we get to research any topic that we can, for an hour, and then we will present our topic to our class/school if you want too! I am a Christian already and I thought it would be a good idea to do a research topic, report, on Is God Real? Many people in my grade are athiest and I am trying to persuade some of them to try out Christianity and see where they go, so I feel that I have a personal connection to this topic and I just wanted to ask if you had any evidence for this topic or just anything that you could think of that would help me with this topic! Thanks in advance for your help with this!

Your friend,

Nick trying to convince anyone that there is a God, you are dealing with " fools ", which is what God calls those who don't believe there is a God!  

Atheists want you to prove to them that God is real...They want real evidence. However, they believe there is no God, without any evidence at all!

It is like trying to tell a person suffering from alcoholism, that they have a problem.  They don't/won't see it, no matter what you do to try and convince them. They have to come to that realization themselves first. Then they have to want help, in order to receive it.

Paul wrote to the Corinthians, that the best evidence that they know the Lord, is to live the life. Be a "living Epistle " as you walk the walk. Be a " light " through your walk, and " salt " as you talk! Some will realize that they walk in darkness, and will come to your light. Others will like the darkness better.

Which is why He said, " Don't speak wisdom in the ears of fools, for they will despise your wisdom! "  And.." Don't throw pearls before swine, for they will trample them in the mud!"

The sower and seed parable is saying don't just throw seed out there. Look for the soil that has been made ready for the " seed "...!  GOD HATES WASTED SEED Nick!

Sincerely In Christ

Mr B..  

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