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I am an 8th grade student working on a genuis hour project and I have a really important question for you! Genuis hour is when students at my school get an hour to work on something they are passionate about and pour their heart into it! It is so much fun! Anyways the question I am working on/asking you is why are people Athiest? I have done some research and come up with pretty much nothing but I really think that this website and you are going to help me a lot with this project. Really anything that you can say will help me out woth this project! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this!

From a Christian point of view, atheists have either not heard about Jesus, or they have rejected the story of Jesus as nothing more than mythology like the gods of Rome and Greece.

Spirituality is a personal thing, and people either believe in God (like Christians, Jews, and Muslims, or some believe in multiple Gods like Hindus or in personal enlightenment like Buddhists), or they don't.  Most people who don't believe in gods or a god, or what Christians and Jews call Jehovah or Yaweh or what Muslims believe in Allah, they can be either agnostics or atheists.

Agnostics may believe that there is a possibility of a god, but they're not sure what god is.
Atheists believe that there is no God nor a possibility of God.

Atheists mostly believe in science, and will believe in the Big Bang theory of the start of the Universe, but where Christians believe that the Big Bang was caused by God, atheists believe it just happened randomly.

Hope this helps.  Good luck on your genius hour.  That sounds like a really cool thing to have.


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