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Just me  
QUESTION: I want to be spanked by a Pastor for my sins. I talk back to my aunt a lot and other things too and she tells me that I need a good spanking from a Pastor and I'm hoping that would help me a lot. She's also got mad at me for wearing this too (see pic). How do I ask a Pastor to spank me for my sins?

ANSWER: If this is a serious inquiry, let me give you a quick lesson in Christianity.  You don't have to be spanked.  Jesus already died for your sins.  You don't have to do penance, unless you're Catholic, and that penance is mostly saying prayers and being a better person, not a spanking.  Non Roman Catholic churches do not have the sacrament of confession and penance.

I don't know a way to ask a pastor that question.  No serious pastor is going to say yes to that anyway, much less actually do it.  I don't think that your aunt is serious.

What I WOULD ask a pastor is to help you develop a plan to assist you in living a better life.  I'm sure he or she would be happy to help in that regard.

This doesn't really seem like a serious question.  Why is your aunt suggesting such a thing?  Are you an adult, or under 18?  Why does she hold so much control over you?  Where are your parents?  If you truly are serious, answer those questions when you write back.


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QUESTION: My aunt suggested this because she is not able to spank me since she had surgery done on her shoulder. I live with my aunt because my parents were killed by a drunk driver last year and I'm 15.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your parents.

15 year olds do NOT need to be spanked.  Your aunt is obviously old fashioned, and she's probably just trying to bring you up the best way possible.

As for the bathing suit, you shouldn't be wearing that at age 15 - it blatantly advertises that you might be available for sex.  Are you?  You shouldn't be.  Sex is reserved for married couples.

Do you go to church?  Does your aunt go to church?  If neither of you do, then I suggest that you start.  Go to a church where you know someone or that you're familiar with.  Go together, and have your aunt ask the question as to whether or not it's appropriate to spank you.  It's not, btw.  And I feel certain that most pastors would say the same thing.  If your aunt won't go to church with you, go by yourself.  Talk to the pastor or youth pastor and tell him/her what you've told me.  If you don't want to go to church, then please go to a favorite teacher or your counselor.  I'm concerned about having you living in a safe environment, and either your aunt doesn't mean it, or maybe she does.  If she is serious, then someone needs to set her straight.  Spanking a 15 year old is inappropriate.

You need to talk to your aunt on a regular basis and try to figure out why she is so down on your case and/or start behaving better.  I don't know what kind of teen you are, so it's impossible to determine whether your aunt is right, or you are.

I hope this helps.  Please write again and let me know how you're doing.  I care.


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