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Dear Isabel,

Good Day to You. Hope you are fine. I am from Karachi Pakistan. I would like to have your kind expertise in matter of my 3 yr old Son name Abu Bakr. Recently he has been diagnosed by the doctors the he is suffering from histio cytosis.

Let me give you a summarize history of him.

Abu Bakr DOB is 01 Sep, 2009. Abu Bakr had a dioreha since he was of 2 months till the age of 15 months and afterward he suffered with a dandruff in his scalp which become fungus after some times. His scalp started to produce acnes which played a major part to produce a fungus over his head. Then he started to get pale day by day and till the same situation is with him so far. He has an eye very bad eye problem due to this as his lower eyelid of right eye has com and he has been diagnosed with hystio cytosis 2 days ago. I have his detailed medical reports but unfortunately I am unable to attach all of these in one go. I shall be grateful to you if you could please send me your e-mail address so I may send the same to you to examine it thoroughly and give me your valuable suggestions according to you vast experience.I need your help as my child is in so much pain so as me and my family.




Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.

Please note I am not a doctor or healthcare provider so I cannot give medical advice.

Information about Histiocytosis - the Langerhans cell histiocytosis (histiocytosis X) including treatment: - look on the left to navigate between different subtopics

Support group information:

Histiocytosis Association --

I am not really familiar with this diagnosis. I did notice in reading about it that they suspect it is an autoimmune problem. That is something I do know about because I have been reading a lot to find out how to be as healthy as I can when it is suspected that I have or could develop autoimmune problems.

I would want to find out if he has intolerance to gluten or casein. Guten is a protein in wheat,  barley, and rye and is added to a variety of products. Casein is a protein in milk. In the USA there is a lab that can do a through test and a doctor's order is not necessary to do the test. EnteroLabs  - It is nice because one does not have to convince a doctor to run the test and it looks at one's genes and if they have been activated versus some tests are only looking at a limited criteria so if one does not meet it  that does not necessarily mean that there is not a problem. Also, for those who have gone gluten free they do not have to re-expose themselves to it for the test and in my opinion it is not an invasive test. However, I think you said you are in Pakistan, so I am not sure where you would go if they can only do the test within the USA. For an adult they can more easily eliminate foods to see which ones are problematic, but since your son is so little it would seem inadvisable to do so. For information about autoimmune conditions including a discussion of gluten's role please see - Why do I still have thyroid problems with my lab tests are normal by Datis Kharrazian

I would also suspect food allergies are problematic for him. Acne and skin problems can be tied to allergies. However, allergy tests look for a very specific immune response. Also he is young and by virtue of his age he may still have a high degree of intestinal permeability where food gets out of the intestinal tract and into the body which as you can imagine causes problems especially since the body will see proteins as problems even if it is just undigested food. Also if he has a problem with gluten that can lead to intestinal permeability. If food is properly digested it is rendered non-allergenic, so intestinal permeability and allergies can often go together. There are supplements that are often recommended to help address this issue along with eliminating key problem foods however since I am not a health care professional and your son is so young it would be advisable to speak to a doctor or naturalistic doctor about their recommendations. For information about allergies including an explanation about the problem with milk, common allergens, symptoms related to allergies, and how they effect children please see - Allergies Disease in Disguise by Carilee Bateson-Koch.

Best wishes!!


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