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im 19yrs old. my weight is 36 and my height is 60 inches ( or 146 cm )im suffering from scoliosis 30 degree spinal curve . according to the doctors i dont need to treat my cuve.but im sufferring back pain from 5 years. please tell me what to do. my body is also insufficient of vitamin D.

Dear Maham Majid,

Just a reminder I am not a health care professional so I cannot give medical advice.  I am just a person interested in living a healthy life in spite of chronic health problems.

Pain - Sounds like you have been suffering from the pain for awhile. I am a big fan of getting to the cause of pain. It makes me wonder why they are not treating the scoliosis. Perhaps there are other root causes. I think people should look into food intolerances and allergies because they can wreak a lot of havoc on the body including pain. Undiagnosed gluten intolerance can often be associated with headaches. But I noticed a decrease in a lot of my pain when I stopped eating gluten. Unless prohibited by a doctor I would want to try a gluten free diet to see if it makes you feel better.

There are supposed to be great pain management techniques you can learn that would give you control over handling your pain while they take some effort I think it would be totally worth it. WebMD has an entire pain management section of their website.

While medications are part of that I would use extreme caution with opiate pain killers. One you are relatively young to be starting on them especially since people develop a tolerance to them and some states are trying to crack down on prescription drug abuse of opiates by limiting the amounts and strengths doctors can prescribe. Even if the state is not limiting you - you are rather young so getting on them could mean years of your life when you are tolerant to them and thus you have limited options in regards to the medication. Also they are extremely addictive I have known many people who developed addictions to them even though they had no family history of addiction and did not seem to have any "risk factors" for addiction. There are even stories of people who got addicted to opiate medications and could not get them so they went to heroin because they could get it "easier." Also the withdrawals from any type of opiate (be it a prescription medication, oxycodone, methadone, heroin, etc) are supposed to be quite awful - again you can read about it online and again I have known people who went through it. I know some people need them and I am not trying to scare you or tell you what to do. It is just with the nature of today's healthcare your healthcare professional may not have time to really look at the risks and counter-indications of starting such a medication regiment at this age and stage of the disease.

Scoliosis - WebMD talks about "steps that help to maintain or promote good health, such as regular exercise and proper back care, may help relieve back pain for some adults." I am not too familiar with scoliosis treatment but with what I was seeing on WebMD it seems like surgery might be recommended if the curve was worse. I was surprised they were not having you use a brace but it seems like it might be because of your age since they seem to use it more when people are younger and still have a few years of growing left.

Vitamin D - In his book Dr Kharrazian suggests an emulsified vitamin D for some people since it can help with absorption and the body being able to better use the vitamin D. Apex Energetics - Ultra D. If you have allergies or need another option would be Carlson's Fish Oils just be sure to get one with Vit D - I do not think it is emulsified but I think it might be a cheaper option. Depending on where you live this time of year might not have the right amount and intensity of sunlight but going outside for about 15 minutes (see Vitamin D link).  But I think it is might be recommended to do it outside of the high risk hours for being in the sun but if there is not enough sun then it would not produce Vit D. I do not know a great resource to send you to for that.

Underweight - I obviously am not a doctor but I would want to rule out a thyroid problem as a potential reason for your being underweight. In regards to what thyroid tests to try to get and what to look for on them and how to best treat thyroid problems if you do have them I recommend Dr. Kharrazian's book.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes!


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