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Dr. Cappuccilli wrote at 2013-07-17 20:18:30
Nucynta is a very strong SYNTHETIC opiod pain reliever - it is on the list of drugs most highly controlled by the DEA : Schedule 2 drugs.  It is similar in the broad strokes in that they both work on the mu receptor in the central nervous system and they are synthetic

Tramadol is a very weak (in my opinion) SYNTHETIC opiod pain reliever.  This drug is not a controlled drug in most states.  The addiction profile is very low.

It is similar in the broad strokes in that they both work on the mu receptor in the central nervous system and they are synthetic.  They share some of the same binding sites on the actual drug molecule because they bind to the same receptor.  What you pharmacist is saying is not totally wrong and I disagree.  The drugs are similar and as with ALL opiates and opiods there will be a slight chance of overlapping allergies.  There is no way to know this without trying the medication.

A true allergy to Nucynta would present as hives, itching, swelling of the throat and difficulty breathing - managed with an EPI pen injection OR Benadryl if the allergic reaction is minimal.  All other reactions - like euphoria, nausea, light headedness, stomach discomfort and other unpleasant feelings are typically adverse reactions that can be managed with changes in dosing, dose interval, or concurrent medications.

So, if you are HIGHLY ALLERGIC to Nucynta in that you require medical attention I would be very careful with all other narcotics both synthetic and naturally occurring.  However, if you do not have a serious allergy to Nucynta then you are probably ok to try Tramadol.  In my experience I would not expect there to be cross reactivity between the two medications and that doesn't mean there wont be.  

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