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I am allergic to Nucynta. I have looked everywhere for information on whether or not it would be ok to take Tramadol instead.My pharmacist says they are related so I shouldn't but the doctor said it is fine. Thanks,

Dear Kimberly,

Just a reminder I am not a health care professional.

This seems like it could be a very serious issue especially depending on how severe your allergy is. Therefore, it would be crucial to ensure your safety if you decide to try the medication. It would probably be risky to try it if you were going to be by yourself - just in case you had a bad allergic reaction you would need to make sure someone could help get you medical attention though my understanding is with a severe allergic reaction there is not much time to get medical attention.

It seems surprising that the doctor and pharmacist are saying different things. They seem to be similar medications so in that sense it would make sense that the pharmacist said they are related.

It might depend on what you are allergic to as to if Nucynta would be a problem for you. Because medications have the active ingredients but also inactive ones colors, binders, fillers, etc.

Nucynta ingredients - (near the end of the second paragraph)

Tramadol (Ultram) ingredients - (near the end of the second paragraph)

Maybe you can get additional information from your doctor and pharmacist as to how they think it would effect you and why.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.


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