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i have experiencing mild rectal prolapse.i am 44, i applying vaseline(petrolym jelly)on rectal area.this giving me some relief on stool movement.will regular use of vaseline harm my body?if so, is there any other ointment which available every pharmacy?
pls give me some information


I am not a medical professional. You will likely be better off if you check with a doctor or pharmacist to be sure. In the United States of America, pharmacists are available for consultations and questions such as this. They are really the experts of drugs and I think vaseline might fall into that.

In my online searching I found these links:

"Millicent" found daily application of vaseline helpful. but she does not say how long she continued to do it for & if there were any negative side effects. - (search anal or millicent to find that section)

WebMD - Treatment for Anal Prolapse - - they do not have vaseline as a do or a do not - have you tried eating more fiber and drinking more water? - they seem to suggest that & it seems to help especially with the partial prolapse. though i do not know if mild & partial are the same.

Some users suggested Traditional Chinese Medicine - I did not read it all to see if they have other suggestions -

Dr. Ahmad M Hadied said it is safe to use vaseline on "anal rawness" - but he did not say how long it is safe to do so or if it is ok to use it on anal prolapse - - there is more on that site but I did not read it all

Hope this helps.

Best wishes!


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