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I hope this message finds you well, just was browsing and saw you , thought I would write you .
I'm 28 years old female been to age 25 pretty healthy till age 26 after i was weight loss oxy pro elite where I had out of nowhere vistreous detachment which according to doctor was nothing to worry about its just had at early age , not even a year layer I go to get contact lens the optometrist gives me news that I have cataract and sort of  inflammation that he thinks I have retina detachment that news puts me I'm choke since that day my whole life changed I become different I'm not happy like I used to be :(
Went next to retina specialist he saw me said that fortunately I don't have retina detachment , but I have cataract and inflammation that could be uveitis and in order to know I must do blood test and X-ray
Uveitis it's usually causes by auto immune desease ( what kind of immune desease if you don't mind me asking?!)

I did and they were negative , so I go back home I go see an general ophtalmologist so he stray treating me with steroid drops them 2 weeks later he tells I need to do sergery cause my cataract sergery was growing fast so I decide to do it I thought after my eye will be better after( my na´vetÚ ) I did the sergery and since I was dealing with redness and stuff being on steroid drops its been a night mare I know other patient with other health problems what kind of pain they deal with I'm aware of that I know my pain compare to others is nothing but the fact I may lose my vision never be able to drive or have kids kills me inside and take alots of life, the day after sergery I lost my appetite , lost 6 lbs not sure was cause I was shocked but I had h pylori and mild inflammation of stomach according to dr it wasn't big deal, after that I gained back my weight but I used to gain weight very easy but now i can't gain weight anymore per example I was 135 now I'm at 128
So again I had to see another ophtalmologist cause I was out of town and this dr says I have something suspicious in my eye and have to see a retina specialist I explain to get I don't have insurrance and most private dr won't treat u in y don't pay upfront or have insurance she told me to go to emmergency and they have eye section I went and 5 dr seen me and still have no answers , I don't know whats causing my uveitis I don't know whats wrong with my body am I sick or I'm healthy, am I going to be blind am I going to die soon
I don't know and I can't afford any more medical I have no insurance or money
I'm sorry the text is long but thought I would share with you
Thank you


Just a reminder I am not a health care professional so I cannot give medical advice nor do I have medical training. I am just a fellow chronic disease patient who wants the best health possible willing to share my experiences and what I have learned. I am so scared to say the wrong thing to you since like you said eyesight is so important and it is not like you are asking about information about your condition or a drug. I am wondering are there any local clinics that can help - that work with uninsured patients. Though it seems like your case has the doctors somewhat stumped.

For Uveitis causes please see this link
What stood out for me is some of the inflammatory disorders are GI related but they are not listed in the autoimmune category and you had complained of GI problems too.

It would seem important to reduced inflammation to minimize symptoms and risk of things worsening.
Some books that may be helpful to check out:
****Allergies Disease in Disguise by Dr. Bateson-Koch -> has some information regarding inflammatory foods & food allergies will also stress your body beyond what it is already dealing with so this may be helpful to look at
****Why Do I still have thyroid symptoms by Dr. Datis Kharrazian -> has some helpful information regarding autoimmune disease he focuses a lot on gluten being a key trigger and one that people can control but he also addresses some other ones

while you currently cannot afford the testing they might suggest you can do trials with your diet to find foods that make you feel better and avoid those that make you feel worse.

a good website to look at would be Merrily Kuhn's presentations on "gut brain" and "food for thought" which look at inflammatory foods and how to minimize inflammation and deal with GI conditions -

i will try to see what else I can find but hopefully this is something to get you started.

best wishes!

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