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Dear Isabel,

My husband has had chronic sinus problems for 4 years
now. We are trying to figure out how to help him. His nose runs and it gets plugged. Sometimes it doesn't run at all. But it seems to be plugged.
I remember that he walked into an old storage shed on our property about the
time this started and didn't wear a protective mask as the
shed had not been opened for years and rats and mice probably had
been in the shed and it was filled with dust. I wondered if fungus or something lodged in his sinuses?
We also wonder if having dental work done might have caused this
problem? My husband had great pain with an upper molar when he
found a dentist that extracted the tooth. He has no teeth on that
side of his mouth. The dental work happened just before his sinus problem. He has tried everything, decongestants, allergy
medication, musinex, benadryl etc. and nothing seems to help.
I think he should go to a Ear, nose and throat specialist.
Any advice or suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated.

       Thanks Priscilla

Dear Priscilla,

It seems like you have tried "home remedies" maybe it would be best to see a ear nose throat specialist or if you and he prefer an alternative medicine professional. I think acupuncture might be able to help with this. The first time the Doctor of Oriental Medicine put acupuncture needles in the points that help with congestion and sinuses I was hooked and have been going ever since every case is different and I have been going for a few years now but I have some other issues but perhaps his treatment could be achieved more quickly. There are options but it sounds like there could be some serious issues and you all have tried home remedies with no success, so it is probably time to consult a medical professional. Some books I love if you are into or willing to try alternative and complimentary medicine:
* Allergies Disease in Disguise by Carolee Bateson-Koch (
* Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements Paperback October 5, 2010 by Phyllis A. Balch CNC ( )
* Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? when My Lab Tests Are Normal: a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Hashimoto's Disease and Hypothyroidism Paperback by Dr. Datis Kharrazian  - even though it does not sound relevant it is because he looks at autoimmune issues and supporting them naturally ( ).

Best wishes! Hope you can find some help and answers.


Notes - I have no financial stakes in Amazon or these books I just really like the books & the work the authors are doing.
Also I am not a medical professional and cannot give medical advice.

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