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Hello, I'm a 58 year old male. I recently found out I have m.r.s.a. I've started doxycycline.  The disease seems to be spreading. What is the prognosis for this disease. Lastly how do I stop it from going to my brain and other internal organs. Thanks Steven

Dear Steven,

Just a reminder I am not a health care professional.

You are off to a good start by seeing your doctor, getting the proper diagnosis, and taking the prescribed medication. A main risk of it spreading is when people do not get treatment or they wait. Your doctor can test to see if other organs have been effected.

I usually cite Mayo Clinic and WebMD but their articles are more about prevention than treatment because this is not something to address with home treatment. This is serious stuff so please talk to your doctor about how well the medication is working and what you can do to keep it from spreading.

Taking the medication as prescribed is supposed to help keep it from spreading. Even if you feel better or it clears up. People are creating drug resistant infections when they stop taking antibiotics too early this allows strong bacteria to survive and become immune and resistant to our current medications so please follow the doctor's orders regarding when and how to take the medication. It will help your system to beat the infection and prevent the bacteria from surviving and becoming more resistant.

Please follow doctor's orders to prevent the spread of mrsa to other people - good for you and the community because if other people get it you could get re-infected or have to fight multiple strains thus taxing your immune system.

"According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the outcome (prognosis) of MRSA infection varies according to the severity of the infection and the general condition of the person who has the infection" ( ).

While it may seem common sense or cliché help your immune system in the fight - eat right, rest, minimize stress, reach out to a healthy support system, use positive self-talk, and relax. Even though mrsa is scary try to stay as calm and relaxed as you can let your body take care of the bacteria instead of wasting its precious time and energy on stress and worries. Might be a useful time to take up meditation. Meditation has some great research on how it seems to correlate with positive health measures.

Best wishes!


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