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My husband has had Parkinson's since 2003 and his digestive tract has slowly stopped working. Despite his GI Dr. doing all he could he has run every test known to man and given him all the meds and various diets out there for his problem with no success. So he lives on e-lax, magnesium citrate and enemas.He is very depressed because he is in so much pain plus he can't do anything because he never knows when he will have a bowel movement which is almost always diaherra.Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Pat,

I am not a medical professional so I cannot give medical advice. Also this is not an issue I am familiar with. However, I did some searching to see if I can find some information that might help.

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I wonder if the real problem is constipation and the laxatives are causing the horrible diarrhea.

What does trying "various diets" mean? If there are food allergies it would seem to aggravate his system. Gluten problems often lead to GI problems - some gluten sensitivities do not show up on current tests. Experimenting with a more high fiber diet. Though that is not as helpful if there are other problem foods still in the diet I have seen this with gluten issues. Stress and pain are going to further complicate GI problems.

Best wishes!

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