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Greetings, Isabel.  I am also an Expert for horse training and writing, so I though I'd check on the site for a nutritionist. None.
I have chronic low potassium. I take a prescription pill every day but Dr said I am still low. He said no more pills, I have to eat the potassium. So I have been looking for the right foods. Problem is that one site will say that pinto beans have little or no potassium, and another will say that it is quite high.  One site will say that beans, legumes and peas are high, and another will say the opposite. I know about the other foods like potatoes, tomatoes, kale, swiss chard, avacado, etc, but wonder about the bean family. I don't want to waste my calories so where can I find the truth. My doctor does not have a nutritionist and knows little about it. He knows meds.  Help?

Thanks, Dorothy


I am not a nutritionist and since you already looked online I am not sure where to go to help you. My only thought is maybe it depends where & how they are grown so maybe basing it off the specific beans when you buy them.

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