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Hi Isabel,

I'm hoping you can help me please!

Firstly in Mid December 2015 I had what I thought was a dose of gastric, but it is now March 2016 and it is recurring intermittently, now my abdomen has a distinct painful small lump under my right rib near the V in my abdomen, this lump seems to move with exertion or laughing.  I also am suffering gas and bloating, burping and horrid involuntary explosive flatulence. The flatulence has been very embarrassing at work with work colleagues thinking I must have some contagious stomach infection as I also have spent a lot of time in the toilet with gastric and or gas. Just recently a burning sensation started going up into my esophagus and my throat.  Last night I had terrible burning go across from the tender lump on my right side (just under my rib) and sear across the left side burning all the way about 2 to 3 inches wide.  My rib bones have become so sore and tender they almost feel like they'll break.   
I am a 57 year old female with Hashimoto's Thyroiditus and suffer Asthma, I've had mild doses of Irritable bowel but this feels very different and I am very concerned.  I'm on 100mcg of Thyroxin daily and use Ventolin, I rarely use other medication including Panadol.

I'm so scared that this burning sensation going up my esophagus and throat is causing me terrible damage.  I have only ever had indigestion when I was expecting my 2nd child 32 years ago.

What could this be and can you please help me ?

My deepest regards



I am not a medical professional so I cannot give medical advice. Have you seen your doctor? Because that would be best.

I am not sure about the lump and The best thing might be to see a doctor if you can.

Could it be acids reflux or an ulcer? Given the burning in your esphogaus.

Food allergies can often co-occur with Hashimotos. My understanding was that they can also develop or come to awareness years  later. Chemical sensitivities may be an issue too.

Did you change anything in December when the symptoms started?

Hope this can help some.


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